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Mark Ormerod won the Southport Advanced Tournament

[<<] [>>] by James Hawkins at Southport & Birkdale Croquet Club
14 april 2013 (AC)

Mark Ormerod was the surprise victor at Southport Croquet Club's Advanced Tournament on 13-14 April.

Ormerod had recovered from a game down to beat Edinburgh's James Hopgood in the semis, earning his place against Great Britain Captain, Keith Aiton, in the final. Keith had shown impressive form in the earlier rounds, but Mark stole the first game by a single point, and shut Keith out for most of the second game to win the title.



Campbell Morrison bt Ray Lowe +18

Ian Parkinson bt Collin Southern +15

Keith Aiton bt Alan Pidcock +26TP

James Hopgood bt Richard Smith +20

Matt Holmes bt Gail Curry +19

Ailsa Lines bt John Haslam +4

Mark Ormerod bt Sam Murray +26

Dave Nick bt Jane Morrison +13

Phil Scarr bt Richard Griffiths +13

James Hawkins bt Campbell Morrison +23

Keith Aiton bt Ian Parkinson +22TP

James Hopgood bt Matt Holmes +17TP

Mark Ormerod bt Ailsa Lines +17

Phil Scarr bt Dave Nick +8

Keith Aiton bt James Hawkins +25TP

Mark Ormerod bt James Hopgood -26TP +24 +23

Keith Aiton bt Phil Scarr +25TP +26TP

Mark Ormerod bt Keith Aiton +1 +25


Sam Murray bt Alan Pidcock +12

Richard Griffiths bt Gail Curry +6

Jane Morrison bt Ray Lowe +21

Richard Smith bt Collin Southern +3

Campbell Morrison bt John Haslam +23

Matt Holmes bt Ian Parkinson +23

James Hopgood bt Sam Murray +26TP

Jane Morrison bt James Hawkins +7

Ailsa Lines bt Gail Curry +9

Matt Holmes bt Sam Murray +16

Phil Scarr bt Matt Holmes +16

Ailsa Lines bt Jane Morrison +12

Campbell Morrison bt Richard Smith +3

Richard Griffiths bt Dave Nick +16

Sam Murray bt Ian Parkinson +12

James Hawkins bt Gail Curry +2

Ray Lowe bt Collin Southern +22

Alan Pidcock bt John Haslam +11

James Hopgood bt Phil Scarr +22TP

Matt Holmes bt Collin Southern +18

James Hawkins bt Dave Nick +24TP

Ray Lowe bt Sam Murray +14

Campbell Morrison bt Phil Scarr +8

Matt Holmes bt Dave Nick +9

James Hawkins bt Collin Southern +19

James Hopgood bt Ailsa Lines +26TP

Richard Smith bt Jane Morrison +4


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