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Paddy Chapman won the 2013 Bowdon June Advanced Weekend

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4th June 2013 (AC)

The 2013 Bowdon June Advanced Weekend was won by Paddy Chapman (for the 3rd year in row) who beat Ian Lines in the final (+16tp, +26tp, +9). The consolation Egyptian Event was won by James Hopgood (for the 2nd year in row), who beat Mark Ormerod in the deciding game.

The Peterson Trophy was presented to Paddy by Colin Irwin, and thanks were recorded to Alan Mayne for the fantastic Bowdon lawns (cut as close as possible specially for the event), Barry Keen for setting the hoops, and to John Saxby and his team of helpers who provided the magnificent catering - probably the best I've had anywhere.

There was plenty of warm sunshine over the weekend and the lawns were pleasantly paced at about 10 to 11 Plummers The hoops were firmly set to about 1/32" or just under and so there was a reasonable level of interactivity and failed/hampered hoops in most games, and only Paddy, James, Ian and Debbie managed to complete triples. In the semi-finals, Ian beat James 10th and 7th turn, with only one real error by Ian in the first, taking his run of consecutive winning triples up to 12 in a row. But in the final Ian failed to get going on triples in both games 1 and 3, and in the 3rd Paddy had an NZ tpo.

Following play on Saturday evening, Ian and Euan Burridge arrived at the club as part of their charity croquet tour in aid of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, and played golf croquet games against Ros Pimlott and David Walters, before the assembled company of about 30 enjoyed a fish supper kindly organised by Barry Keen.

Thank you also to James Hopgood for posting scores on


Main Event

First Round
Ian Lines beat Barry Keen +26tp
Mark Ormerod beat Francois Garcia +25
Paddy Chapman beat Richard H Smith +25
James Hopgood beat Mike Sandler +20
Lee Hartley beat Charles Harding +16
Jerry Guest beat Lionel Tibble +10
Andrew Winn beat Debbie Cornelius +14
David Walters beat Brian Storey +5

Quarter Finals

Paddy Chapman beat Lee Hartley +26tp
Ian Lines beat Andrew Winn +26tp
David Walters beat Mark Ormerod +25
James Hopgood beat Jerry Guest +16tp

Semi Finals (Best of 3)

Ian Lines beat James Hopgood +25tp, +26tp
Paddy Chapman beat David Walters +13tpo, +26tp

Final (Best of 5)

Paddy Chapman beat Ian Lines +16tp, +26tp, +9
(19 games)

Consolation Egyptian

Debbie Cornelius beat Lionel Tibble +16tp
Brian Storey beat Barry Keen +13
Richard H Smith beat Francois Garcia +17
Lee Hartley beat Andrew Winn +26
Mike Sandler beat Charles Harding +5
Andrew Winn beat Richard H Smith +24
Brian Storey beat Lee Hartley +13
Debbie Cornelius beat Jerry Guest +1
Lionel Tibble beat Mark Ormerod +3
Francois Garcia beat Barry Keen +4
Brian Storey beat Mike Sandler +25
James Hopgood beat Debbie Cornelius +8
Richard Smith beat Charles Harding +16
James Hopgood beat Brian Storey +26tp
Mark Ormerod beat Mike Sandler +25
Jerry Guest beat Francois Garcia +23
Lionel Tibble beat Andrew Winn +5
Debbie Cornelius beat David Walters +17
Barry Keen beat Charles Harding +3
Richard H Smith beat Lee Hartley +3
Mark Ormerod beat Brian Storey +3
James Hopgood beat Lionel Tibble +12
Lee Hartley beat David Walters +12
Andrew Winn beat Jerry Guest +4
Lionel Tibble beat Barry Keen +25
Mike Sandler beat Francois Garcia +2
Lee Hartley beat Jerry Guest +12
Richard H Smith beat Debbi Cornelius +4
Brian Storey beat Charles Harding +5
James Hopgood beat Mark Ormerod +17tp
(30 games)


Paddy Chapman (-2.5) 7 / 7 4 tps, 1 tpo
Ian Lines (-1.5) 4 / 7 4 tps

James Hopgood (-2) 6 / 8 4 tps
David Walters (-1.5) 2 / 6
Mark Ormerod (-1) 3 / 6
Andrew Winn (-1) 3 / 6
Lionel Tibble (-1) 3 / 6
Lee Hartley (-1) 4 / 7
Brian Storey (-0.5) 4 / 7
Debbie Cornelius (-1) 3 / 6 1 tp
Richard H Smith (0.5) 4 / 6
Jerry Guest (1.5) 2 / 6
Mike Sandler (2) 2 / 5
Francois Garcia (2.5) 1 / 5
Barry Keen (5) 1 / 5
Charles Harding (3.5) 0 / 5


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