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Ireland won the Home Internationals

[<<] [>>] by Chris Williams at Carrickmines
9 Jun 2013 (International)

Ireland won the Home Internationals for the fourth time and in beating England 4-1 inflicted the heaviest defeat England have suffered in the 34 years the Home Internationals have been taking place. This was only England's fifth defeat in 94 matches in the Home Internationals and their heaviest in all competitions since the 5-2 defeat by New Zealand in 1950.

1 Ireland 3 wins
2 England 2 wins
3 Wales 1 win
4 Scotland 0 wins

England 3 Wales 2
David Maugham beat Ian Burridge -4, +15tp, +7
Marcus Evans beat Chris Williams +17, +26
Robin Brown lost to David Walters -17, -26
Robert Wilkinson beat John Evans +26tp, +26tp
RichardM Smith lost to Roger Hayes -7, +25, -4

Ireland 5 Scotland 0
Andrew Johnston beat Duncan Reeve +26tp, +26tp
Simon Williams beat Campbell Morrison +26tp, +9
Ed Cunningham beat David Magee +21tp, +7
Danny Johnston beat Martin Murray +5, +16tp
Patsy Fitzgerald beat Sam Murray +14, -20, +26

Ireland 4 Wales 1
Andrew Johnston beat Ian Burridge +16, +26tp
Simon Williams beat Chris Williams +13tp, +25tp
Ed Cunningham lost to David Walters -23, -8
Danny Johnston beat John Evans +17, +11
Patsy Fitzgerald beat Roger Hayes +25, +12

England 4 Scotland 1
David Maugham lost to Duncan Reeve -19stp, +24tp, -14
Marcus Evans beat Campbell Morrison +4, -16, +19
Robin Brown beat David Magee +25tp, +3
Robert Wilkinson beat Martin Murray +4, +26tp
RichardM Smith beat Sam Murray +23, +14

Ireland 4 England 1
Andrew Johnston lost to David Maugham -17tp, -26tp
Simon Williams beat Marcus Evans +26tp, +5
Ed Cunningham beat Robin Brown +23, +1otp
Danny Johnston beat Robert Wilkinson -25, +14, +16tp
Patsy Fitzgerald beat RichardM Smith +24, +17

Wales 3.5 Scotland 1.5
Ian Burridge beat Duncan Reeve +16tp, +16
Chris Williams beat Campbell Morrison -22, +16, +18
David Walters unf David Magee -7, +26tp
John Evans beat Martin Murray +24, +18
Roger Hayes lost to Sam Murray -17, -23


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