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Open Championships - Draw for Swiss Rounds 1-6

[<<] [>>] by Samir Patel at The Hurlingham Club
03/07/2013 (AC - Championships)

Player Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 AOG
Stephen Morgan Ben Rothman Gabrielle Higgins Jose Riva Martin Murray Keith Aiton Robin Brown 2180
Jerry Guest Robert Fulford Alain Giraud Nelson Morrow Mark Ormerod Chris Farthing Dave Kibble 2178
Jose Riva George Noble Samir Patel Stephen Morgan James Hopgood Reg Bamford Andrew Hope 2182
Eugene Chang Kevin Beard Andrew Hope Ian Vincent David Maugham Jeff Dawson Gabrielle Higgins 2178
Andrew Hope Stephen Mulliner Eugene Chang Mark Ormerod Chris Farthing Robert Fulford Jose Riva 2173
Nelson Morrow Alain Giraud Patrick Hort Jerry Guest Stephen Mulliner James Hopgood Nigel Polhill 2173
Ian Vincent Dave Kibble Dennis Bulloch Eugene Chang Robin Brown Kevin Beard Samir Patel 2184
Martin Murray Nigel Polhill Jeff Dawson Ben Rothman Stephen Morgan Dennis Bulloch Patrick Hort 2176
Dave Kibble Ian Vincent Nigel Polhill Samir Patel Robert Fulford Marcus Evans Jerry Guest 2181
George Noble Jose Riva Stephen Mulliner Chris Farthing Kevin Beard Mark Ormerod Nigel Polhill 2174
Nigel Polhill Martin Murray Dave Kibble Marcus Evans Reg Bamford Nelson Morrow George Noble 2177
Alain Giraud Nelson Morrow Jerry Guest Jeff Dawson Marcus Evans David Maugham Keith Aiton 2175
Gabrielle Higgins Reg Bamford Stephen Morgan James Hopgood Dennis Bulloch Patrick Hort Eugene Chang 2173
Dennis Bulloch Robin Brown Ian Vincent Keith Aiton Gabrielle Higgins Martin Murray James Hopgood 2175
Chris Farthing David Maugham Reg Bamford George Noble Andrew Hope Jerry Guest Marcus Evans 2185
Mark Ormerod Patrick Hort David Maugham Andrew Hope Jerry Guest George Noble Reg Bamford 2175
Patrick Hort Mark Ormerod Nelson Morrow Robin Brown Ben Rothman Gabrielle Higgins Martin Murray 2172
Robin Brown Dennis Bulloch Robert Fulford Patrick Hort Ian Vincent Stephen Mulliner Stephen Morgan 2163
Keith Aiton James Hopgood Marcus Evans Dennis Bulloch Samir Patel Stephen Morgan Alain Giraud 2168
Marcus Evans Keith Aiton Kevin Beard Nigel Polhill Alain Giraud Dave Kibble Chris Farthing 2188
David Maugham Chris Farthing Mark Ormerod Stephen Mulliner Eugene Chang Alain Giraud Jeff Dawson 2180
Samir Patel Jeff Dawson Jose Riva Dave Kibble Keith Aiton Ben Rothman Ian Vincent 2183
Kevin Beard Eugene Chang Marcus Evans George Noble Jeff Dawson Ian Vincent Ben Rothman 2186
Jeff Dawson Samir Patel Martin Murray Alain Giraud Kevin Beard Eugene Chang David Maugham 2171
Stephen Mulliner Andrew Hope George Noble David Maugham Nelson Morrow Robin Brown Robert Fulford 2183
James Hopgood Keith Aiton Ben Rothman Gabrielle Higgins Jose Riva Nelson Morrow Dennis Bulloch 2158
Ben Rothman Stephen Morgan James Hopgood Martin Murray Patrick Hort Samir Patel Kevin Beard 2166
Robert Fulford Jerry Guest Robin Brown Reg Bamford Dave Kibble Andrew Hope Stephen Mulliner 2182
Reg Bamford Gabrielle Higgins Chris Farthing Robert Fulford Nigel Polhill Jose Riva Mark Ormerod 2173


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