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Keith Rhodes won the Letchworth B-Level Tournament

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10/11 July 2013 (AC)

The B-Level tournament at Letchworth attracted nine entries. The weather was fine and sunny for most of the time, though it did cloud over briefly to provide the competitors with some respite. The lawns were challenging, being rather fast and with the hoops in new holes. All the competitors, including those from Letchworth, took some time to adapt, which is reflected in the fact that of the 22 games played, only 5 finished within time. (Is a total of 6 games out of 22 with the result +1 on time a record at this level?)

The overall winner was Keith Rhodes from Letchworth, who did not lose a match, even if three of his wins were by tiny margins.

There were many compliments paid to the state of the lawns, despite the dreadful weather earlier in the year, and the very dry spell which has lasted most of this year (in Letchworth, at least).

The only handicap change notified was Keith Rhodes from 4 to 3.5

Full Results

Keith Rhodes beat Peter Moore +1t
Terry Mahoney beat Mike Bowser +9t
Clive Good beat Jonathan Toye +8t
David Marsh beat Michael Haytack +3t
Terry Mahoney beat George Woolhouse +20
Mike Bowser beat Peter Moore +1t
David Marsh beat Clive Goode +18
Keith Rhodes beat Michael Haytack +17t
Jonathan Toye beat George Woolhouse +5t
David Marsh beat Terry Mahoney +4
Clive Goode beat Peter Moore +1t
Mike Bowser beat Michael Haytack +1t
Keith Rhodes beat Jonathan Toye +1t
Terry Mahoney beat Clive Goode +10
Mike Bowser beat David Marsh +2t
Michael Haytack beat Jonathan Toye +22
Clive Goode beat Mike Bowser +11t
Peter Moore beat David Marsh +1t
Keith Rhodes beat Terry Mahoney +3t
George Woolhouse beat Michael Haytack +22
Terry Mahoney beat Jonathan Toye +25


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