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Steve Jones won the Cheltenham Advanced Tournament

[<<] [>>] by Paul Hands at Cheltenham Croquet Club
7 July 2013 (AC)

Steve Jones - back in the UK from New Zealand and playing in this tournament as preparation for the Worlds, duly won the A Class event, beating Dave Mundy in straight games in the best-of-3 final. Notable performers over the weekend included Joel Taylor, unstoppable in the B Class, and Nick Parish, who swept all aside in the Egyptian.

A Class Winner: Steve Jones Runner-up: Dave Mundy
B Class Winner: Joel Taylor Runner-up: Tony Forbes
C Class Winner: Klim Seabright Runner-up: Richard Jackson
D Class Winnjer: Peter Petrie Runner-up: Pat Jackson
E Class Winner: Michael James Runner-up: Penny Crowe
Egyptian Winner: Nick Parish

A Class:-
Nick Parish beat Nick Saxton +23TP
Eugene Chang beat Paul Watson +3TP
Dave Mundy beat Paul Smith +16
Steve Jones beat Nick Parish +18TP
Peter Francis beat Les Bowker +3
Dave Mundy beat Eugene Chang +8
Steve Jones beat Peter Francis +11
Steve Jones beat Dave Mundy +4, +23

B Class:-
Richard Thompson beat John Wells +3
Tony Forbes beat Robert Moss +14
Joel Taylor beat Alwen Bowker +20TP
Alison Thursfield beat Darryl Whitehead +14
Tony Forbes beat Richard Thompson +10
Joel Taylor beat Alison Thursfield +24
Joel Taylor beat Tony Forbes

C Class:-
Klim Seabright beat Jane Babbage +9
Ray Meads beat Keith Davis +9
Adam Moliver beat John Thirlwell +6
Richard Jackson beat Chris Wakeham +1 (T)
Klim Seabright beat Ray Meads +6
Richard Jackson beat Adam Moliver +5 (T)
Klim Seabright beat Richard Jackson +15

D Class (Level Singles played as a Block):-
Peter Petrie beat Alan Slater +10
Pat Jackson beat Les Kershaw +7
Kathy Wallace beat Martin Kolbuszewski +13
Peter Petrie beat Martin Kolbuszewski +18
Pat Jackson beat Alan Slater +4
Kathy Wallace beat Les Kershaw +5
Peter Petrie beat Kathy Wallace +14
Alan Slater beat Les Kershaw +24
Pat Jackson beat Martin Kolbuszewski +7 (T)
Peter Petrie beat Pat Jackson +12
Martin Kolbuszewski beat Les Kershaw +23
Alan Slater beat Kathy Wallace +5
Les Kershaw beat Peter Petrie +6
Alan Slater beat Martin Kolbuszewski +21
Pat Jackson beat Kathy Wallace +1 (T)

E Class (Level Singles played as a Block):-
Penny Crowe beat Michael James +1 (T)
Caroline Denny beat Christine Wakeham +7
Pat Francis beat Rodney Parkins +4
Penny Crowe beat Christine Wakeham +1 (T)
Michael James beat Rodney Parkins +7
Caroline Denny beat Pat Francis +23
Rodney Parkins beat Christine Wakeham +9
Michael James beat Pat Francis +1 (T)
Penny Crowe beat Caroline Denny +5 (T)
Rodney Parkins beat Penny Crowe +19
Christine Wakeham beat Pat Francis +2 (T)
Michael James beat Caroline Denny +4 (T)
Pat Francis beat Penny Crowe +1 (T)
Caroline Denny beat Rodney Parkins +17
Michael James beat Christine Wakeham +1 (T)

Nick Parish beat Paul Smith +1
Joel Taylor beat Robert Moss +15
Adam Moliver beat Jane Babbage +13
Alwen Bowker beat Les Bowker +9
John Thirlwell beat Darryl Whitehead +3 (T)
Richard Thompson beat Rayu Meads +4
Keith Davis beat John Wells +6
Dave Mundy beat Paul Watson +23
Robert Moss beat Chris Wakeham +6 (T)
Eugene Chang beat Tony Forbes +4
Eugene Chang beat John Thirlwell +18
Steve Jones beat Joel Taylor +4
Paul Watson beat Richard Jackson +4 (T)
Paul Smith beat Nick Saxton +25
Darryl Whitehead beat Tony Forbes +8
Nick Parish beat Paul Watson +23TP
Nick Saxton beat Peter Francis +20
Chris Wakeham beat Jane Babbage +10
Robert Moss beat Keith Davis +15
Paul Smith beat Darryl Whitehead +18
John Wells beat John Thirlwell +13
Nick Parish beat Joel Taylor +24
Dave Mundy beat Peter Francis +10
Steve Jones beat Tony Forbes +24
Paul Smith beat Eugene Chang +26
Paul Watson beat Darryl Whitehead +6 (T)
Alwen Bowker beat John Wells +11 (T)
Klim Seabright beat Alsion Thursfield +16
Chris Wakeham beat Keith Davis +11 (T)
Nick Parish beat Eugene Chang +9
Joel Taylor beat Paul Smith +5
Klim Seabright beat Adam Moliver +8
Robert Moss beat Darryl Whitehead +13
Alwen Bowker beat Richard Thompson +2 (T)
Nick Saxton beat Eugene Chang +2
Adam Moliver beat Ray Meads +9
Nick Parish beat Peter Francis +19
Paul Hands beat John Wells +4 (T)
Paul Watson beat Paul Smith +8 (T)
Nick Parish beat Nick Saxton +10
Eugene Chang beat Joel Taylor +26
Tony Forbes beat Ray Meads +16


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