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David Boyd won the Guildford & Godalming B-Level Tournament

[<<] [>>] by Arthur Lindley at Guildford & Godalming Croquet Club
21 July 2103 2013 (AC)

Winner: David Boyd (4 Wins)

Runner-up: Stephen Harbron (4 wins)

Result determined on "Quality of Wins"

Individual Results

Round 1

Arthur Lindley beat Richard Stevens +14(t)

David Boyd beat Neil Coote +11(t)

Tim Masterton beat Paul Wolff +1(t)

Robert Bateson beat Stephen Harbron +1(t)

Andy Myers beat Collin Southern +13(t)

Round 2

Arthur Lindley beat David Boyd +3(t)

Tim Masterton beat Robert Bateson +4(t)

Andy Myers beat Richard Stevens +13

Paul Wolff beat Neil Coote +1(t)

Stephen Harbron beat Collin Southern +10(t)

Round 3

Tim Masterton beat Arthur Lindley +1(t)

David Boyd beat Andy Myers +20

Paul Wolff beat Robert Bateson +11

Stephen Harbron beat Richard Stevens +17

Neil Coote beat Collin Southern +10(t)

Round 4

David Boyd beat Tim Masterton +1(t)

Stephen Harbron beat Andy Myers +6(t)

Paul Wolff beat Arthur Lindley +13(t)

Neil Coote beat Robert Bateson +13(t)

Collin Southern beat Richard Stevens +13(t)

Round 5

David Boyd beat Paul Wolff +13(t)

Stephen Harbron beat Tim Masterton +22

Neil Coote beat Andy Myers +4(t)

Collin Southern beat Arthur Lindley +6(t)

Richard Stevens beat Robert Bateson +4(t)


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