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David Maugham won the Tyneside Advanced Weekend

[<<] [>>] by Derek Watts at Tyneside Croquet Club
4 August 2013 (AC)

David Maugham won all his games to win the Tyneside Tankard.

David Maugham nearly always manages the Tyneside open, and he nearly always wins it; nine times before this year. Last year James Hopgood, possibly unaware of this fact, interrupted David's stately progress, but he did not return to the gloriously sunny Tyneside lawns to defend his title*. This left the up-and-coming Phil Scarr as the most likely challenger, or possibly Phil Errington who won in 2005 when David was absent. It is true that David was not at his best, completing only one sextuple in spite of laying up for one in all seven games. Nevertheless he did win all his games, only Derek Watts holding him to a single-figure victory, and went off once again with the trophy. Phil Scarr and Charles Waterfield each managed five wins, with Phil being runner-up by virtue of having beaten Charles. David's prize, however, was not just the usual tankard. To mark the fact that he had, in running hoop three in one of his games, managed to spring his clip off the top of the hoop and casually catch it before it hit the ground (England cricketers please note) he was also awarded a supplementary prize. This took the form of a cherry/olive pitter to acknowledge that David had supplemented Sheila Watts' splendid lunches with some cherry pies he had baked, in spite of having to use a paper clip to remove the stones. We hope you will find it easier next year, David: the pies, that is. And the sextuples - always fun to watch and if they break down it just gives everyone else the slight possibility of collecting that really big win.

I don't mean to imply that the lawns are always gloriously sunny; last year they were actually under water before James and David played their deciding game, but this year the weather was wonderful.


David Maugham(-2) beat Derek Knight +20sxp, Derek Watts +9, Phil Errington +26, Roger Staples +17, Peter McDermott +12, Charles Waterfield +22 and Phill Scarr +24.
Phill Scarr(-0.5) beat Peter McDermott +16, Roger Staples +26, Derek Watts +16, Derek Knight +15, Charles Waterfield +26.
Charles Waterfield(0.5) beat Phil Errington +11t, Derek Knight +3t,
Roger Staples +8t, Peter McDermott +20, Derek Watts +22.
Derek Watts(2) beat Roger Staples +14, Phil Errington +7, Peter McDermott +22.
Peter McDermott(3) beat Phil Errington +12t, Derek Knight +6t, Roger Staples +2t.
Phil Errington(2) beat Roger Staples +3t, Phill Scarr +7, Derek Knight +8.
Roger Staples(4) beat Derek Knight +2.
Derek Knight(2) beat Derek Watts +7t.


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