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Paul Smith won the Selectors' Weekend

[<<] [>>] by Andrew Gregory at Sidmouth Croquet Club
8 September 2013 (AC)

Curiously the 2013 Selectors' did not attract a full field - a pity as Sidmouth is such a very pleasant place to play. But the 15 who did attend enjoyed splendid hospitality, very good conditions and only one interruption for rain. Andrew Gregory managed the event in a typically good natured style, though reminding the players that they should be prepared to play until dusk was interpreted rather too liberally by one first round pair whose opening game lasted nearly 5 hours!

At the end of the first day Nick Steiner, Paul Smith and Steve Woolnough remained undefeated. Nick and Paul maintained their records until they met in the 6th round, a game which Paul won convincingly. A scramble for the final day play off saw Andrew Gregory come through to join Nick on 5 out of 6. Colin Hemming and Steve tied for 4th place.

Colin and Steve played for the last semi-final slot, Steve won a tense game by 6, in which the tactics towards the end were arguably influenced by the approaching time limit. In the first semi-final Andrew built a good lead against Nick, who could not take advantage of a late slip, losing by 17. In the second semi-final Paul played defensively for the first part of the game but capitalised on an error later on to win by 18, a game which was harder fought than the score suggests. In the final Paul got the first break against Andrew but missed a return roquet after 6 leaving Andrew with a laid break, from which he made hoop 1 but was then hampered. Paul hit and continued to 4 back. Andrew missed the short lift and Paul finished with a neatly executed delayed triple peel.

Results Summary

Winner: Paul Smith (8/8)
Runner-up: Andrew Gregory (6/8)
3rd Nick Steiner (6/8)

5/8: Hemming, Ross, Woolnough
4/8: Field
3/8: Bennett, Marsh, Moore, Murray
2/7: Mooney, Wood
2/8: Pristavec, Weston

Detailed Results


Paul Smith beat Andrew Gregory +25TP


Paul Smith beat Woolnough +18
Andrew Gregory beat Nick Steiner +17

Friday 6th September

Nick Steiner beat Andrew Gregory 4
Paul Pristavec beat Sam Murray 9
Peter Moore beat David Mooney 5
Colin Hemming beat David Marsh 16
Steve Woolnough beat Tom Weston 11
Keith Ross beat Gary Bennett 2
Paul Smith beat Richard Wood 5
Jim Field beat Sam Murray 14
Colin Hemming beat Paul Pristavec 2
David Mooney beat David Marsh 16
Steve Woolnough beat Peter Moore 9
Andrew Gregory beat Tom Weston 14
Nick Steiner beat Keith Ross 25
David Marsh beat Gary Bennett 4
Paul Smith beat David Mooney 10
Sam Murray beat Richard Wood 20
Nick Steiner beat Jim Field 20
Keith Ross beat Paul Pristavec 11
Andrew Gregory beat Colin Hemming 3
Peter Moore beat Tom Weston 12
Steve Woolnough beat Sam Murray 15
Richard Wood beat David Mooney 25
Paul Smith beat David Marsh 4
Jim Field beat Gary Bennett 6

Saturday 7th September

Nick Steiner beat Steve Woolnough 8
Paul Smith beat Peter Moore 26
Jim Field beat Colin Hemming 14
Andrew Gregory beat Keith Ross 15
Paul Pristavec beat Richard Wood 6
Sam Murray beat David Marsh 10
Tom Weston beat Gary Bennett 10
Colin Hemming beat David Mooney 5
Paul Smith beat Jim Field 12
Keith Ross beat Peter Moore 10
Andrew Gregory beat Steve Woolnough 14
David Marsh beat Tom Weston 18
Sam Murray beat Gary Bennett 23
Nick Steiner beat Paul Pristavec 24
Richard Wood beat Jim Field 14
Paul Smith beat Nick Steiner 26
Gary Bennett beat Paul Pristavec 22
Colin Hemming beat Sam Murray 17
David Mooney beat Tom Weston 4
Steve Woolnough beat Keith Ross 17
Andrew Gregory beat Peter Moore 4

Sunday 8th September

Steve Woolnough beat Colin Hemming 6
Andrew Gregory beat Nick Steiner 17
Keith Ross beat Jim Field 15
David Marsh beat Richard Wood 26tp
Tom Weston beat Paul Pristavec 18
Gary Bennett beat David Mooney 12
Peter Moore beat Sam Murray 7
Nick Steiner beat David Marsh 1
Jim Field beat Paul Pristavec 13
Keith Ross beat Tom Weston 11
Gary Bennett beat Richard Wood 11
Paul Smith beat Steve Woolnough 18
Colin Hemming beat Peter Moore 7
Paul Smith beat Andrew Gregory 25tp


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