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East Riding Handicap Weekend

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9th July 2000 (AC - Handicap)

A small, but enthusiastic, group braved the inclement conditions to compete for the Paul Iveson Trophy. Chris Dent kindly agreed to manage, after the sad death of Ian Maugham, and proved his skills both on and off the court. His weakness was however revealed at Saturday tea-time - chocolate cake! Play on the Saturday was punctuated mainly by the report writer's inability to run hoops from close range, and a series of defeats ensued. At 2pm the local bowls team appeared, expecting to use one of the shared lawns for a match, but fortunately the small entry left a free lawn to accommodate them. The inaugural simultaneous croquet and bowls competition was thus avoided!

Three clear front runners emerged as we moved to the Sunday, Derek Knight, Julian Tonks and Norman Best. Chris had devised sets of pairings to ensure a clear result, and Derek defeated Norman, to meet Julian in the deciding contest. Julian took an early lead and used his bisques well to keep Derek out of play. As time came towards the final 30 minutes Derek had a lot of ground to make up, and became ever more hurried in his movement around the court. A hastily discarded open umbrella took off in the wind, like tumble weed, and became an unexpected outside agency on lawn 3, where its progress was arrested. Derek gradually caught Julian and as time was called had squared the game, leaving his balls joined up and Julian's well separated. Julian hit in, and Derek anticipated his demise, but a momentary lapse of concentration saw Julian miss a simple (no such thing, in these situations) roquet. Derek made the hoop he needed and with it took the trophy. Dry throated and drained, he was glad to see the tea pot arrive. To record such matches as +1T cannot describe the drama, but somehow it says everything.

The three front runners, from Saturday, remained in the top spots

1st Derek Knight (Beverley)
2nd Julian Tonks (York)
3rd Norman Best (East Riding)


Derek Knight bt Ted Scott +14
Norman Best bt Jean Akerman +22
Elspeth Johnson bt Jim Gillespie +14
Julian Sweed bt Alan Locket +2T
Julian Tonks bt Pauline Best +1T
Marjorie Boyd bt George Chamberlin +7
N Best bt Johnson +7
Gillespie bt Akerman +6
Knight bt Sweed +3T
Scott bt Chamberlin +8
P Best bt Locket +26
Tonks bt Boyd +1T
Locket bt Akerman +14
Gillespie bt P Best +14
Chamberlin bt Chris Dent +26
N Best bt Chamberlin +14
Dent bt Sweed +4
Knight bt Gillespie +4
Tonks bt Best +16
Knight bt Boyd +21
Chamberlin bt Akerman +18
P Best bt Sweed +8
Gillespie bt Locket +4T
N Best bt Dent +26
Knight bt Tonks +1T
Boyd bt Sweed +5
Locket bt Chamberlin +4
P Best bt N Best +7

Final positions (Hands Egyptian, 4 games to qualify)
Knight 124
Tonks 110
N Best 107
P Best 106
Gillespie 105
Boyd 101
Locket 95
Chamberlin 92
Sweed 85
Akerman 80

Chris Dent (manager)


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