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Jack Wicks won the Sussex Advanced Tournament

[<<] [>>] by Christine Constable at Sussex County Croquet Club
6 April 2014 (AC)

Jack Wicks beat Martin French 2-1 to win the Sussex Advanced Tournament. thefinal of this event, but it could not be played in time so it was played later. Time constraints caused the semis to be single games, whereas the quarter-finals were best of three.

Knockout Results

Alan Cottle beat Neil Coote +17
Joel Taylor beat Mark Hamilton +22
Mark Fawcett beat David Cook +8
Simon Hayward-Tapp beat Peter Moore +26
Jaimie Mussi beat Avril Rangoni Machiavelli +26
Paul Castell beat Tom Weston +4
Martin French beat Richard Jackson +18
Tudor Jenkins beat Philip Eardley +14
Roger Wood beat Daphne Gaitley +20
Luc Berthouze beat Cliff Jones +17
Jack Wicks beat David Gaitley +26tp
Jack Wicks beat Luc Berthouze +20tp, +2
Alan Cottle beat Joel Taylor +12(t)
Martin French beat Tudor Jenkins +25, +17
Mark Fawcett beat Simon Hayward-Tapp +17
Jaimie Mussi beat Paul Castell +12

Mark Fawcett beat Alan Cottle -2, +4, +7
Jaimie Mussi beat Roger Wood +14(t), -11(t), +12(t)
Martin French beat Mark Fawcett +12
Jack Wicks beat Jaimie Mussi +2(t)

Jack Wicks beat Martin French +4tpo, -13tp, +21

Egyptian Results

Won by Simon Hayward-Tapp

David Gaitley beat Peter Moore +7
Cliff Jones beat Neil Coote +18
Philip Eardley beat Richard Jackson +25tp
David Cook beat Mark Hamilton +16
Tom Weston beat Daphne Gaitley +1(t)
Philip Eardley beat Cliff Jones +26
Richard Jackson beat Neil Coote +24
Simon Hayward-Tapp beat David Gaitley +19
Peter Moore beat David Cook +16
Luc Berthouze beat Joel Taylor +3(t)
Simon Hayward-Tapp beat Paul Castell +6
Philip Eardley beat David Gaitley +23
Cliff Jones beat Richard Jackson +9

Simon Hayward-Tapp beat Philip Eardley +15
Luc Berthouze beat Paul Castell +18
Cliff Jones beat Joel Taylor +26
Tudor Jenkins beat Tom Weston +17
Peter Moore beat Daphne Gaitley +21
Mark Hamilton beat Neil Coote +10
Avril Rangoni Machiavelli beat David Gaitley +13
Richard Jackson beat David Cook +1(t)
Paul Castell beat Joel Taylor +13
Cliff Jones beat Daphne Gaitley +11
Luc Berthouze beat Peter Moore +17
Simon Hayward-Tapp beat Tudor Jenkins +10
Philip Eardley beat Tom Weston +17
David Cook beat Neil Coote +10tp
Joel Taylor beat Roger Wood +7
Paul Castell beat David Gaitley +23
Luc Berthouze beat Richard jackson +26tp
Peter Moore beat Tudor Jenkins +13
Simon Hayward-Tapp beat Tom Weston +23
Philip Eardley beat Luc Berthouze +4
Paul Castell beat Cliff Jones +26tp


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