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Men's Championships Final Commentary

[<<] [>>] by Christian Carter at Budleigh Salterton
8th June 2014 (AC - Championships)

Status of play so far:

First game, Death wins +12QPO

Second game, Death wins +25SXP with a one-yard bombard peg out

Third game, Death goes to 3b 3rd turn, leave corners 2, 3 and 4ish

Trimmer rolls up from c4 off partner, 2-yard straight hoop - finishes in the jaws

Death shoots from C2 misses to south boundary

Trimmer continues

* Internet in Devon may interrupt commentary occasionally

Trimmer began QPO and is now laying up with a spread having gone to 1b

Trimmer deliberates leave after leaving spread open - puts his balls in c2ish and c4ish

Death shoots at partner with hoop-1 ball - hits with a TP to set up

Death pulls out a series of Death-like rushes and approaches hoop 1 from 3 yards east, leaves v angled hoop - hits near wire and leaves himslef half open.

Trimmer refuses half ball shot and shoots at partner in c4. Misses.

Death shoots with Hoop-1 ball at oppo in C4. Misses.

Trimmer has just run hoop 1 with TPO or SXP options available

Sensible TPO option elected for. Jawsed after 3.

** Du Pre update. Final about to start: Wilko, who beat Wixy, and Goacher, who beat Bradforth. Wilko foolishly elects to start a best-of-3 after lunch.

Trimmer rolls to 1back and peelee after 5 - leaves himself 4-5 yards and angled on the rush peel - hits and makes the peel. Rolls peelee into peeling postion at 6 and now has a standard TPO fully under control.

The crowd that had gathered disperses for cottage pie and trifle, very tasty and very reasonably priced.

*Correction: Death insists he missed hoop 1 on the far wire. As he was a good 40 yards closer, I won't argue.

Trimmer lining up a straight rover peel, 18 inches. Irish. Peelee lands 3 yards off the boundary. Rushes partner to B-Baulk tice position, takes off, doesn't get rush on Death's hoop 1 ball, leaves it between h4 and 5. Takes off behind peg ball. Rushes to 3 yards north east of peg, makes peg out. Takes 2 off.

Game of one ball starts with Death on 1 and Timmer on 1b.

Players pause for lunch just as the rain begins to trickle.

** Du Pre final: Wilko clips are 1 and 2. Goacher in break aproaching hoop 6 with what looks like a spread forthcoming. Goacher 1 and 1b

Death and Trimmer resume, fully fed. Death takes his contact and rolls blue to 2 and just fails to get hoop running position. Takes position at 1.

Trimmer lags to 3 yards east of the peg.

Death runs hoop 1 by 6 yards and shoots at Trimmer. Misses to E boundary.

Trimmer looks at the shot for a while, and walks up to play it. Casts, shoots and misses on the left.

Death cut rushes the 1 footer towards the middle of the north boundary. Rolls up to 2, leaves a 3 yards slight angle. Makes the hoop with a rush pointing at penult. Rushes to 8 yards south of 3.

Death now in control of a 2 ball break at hoop 4.

Death makes all 11 hoops and wins the Men's 3-0.

Meanwhile Goacher is still making second break with his first ball.

Over and Out.


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