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Sonoma WCC - Day 1

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13th May 2002 (International)

Here are the results for the first day. A little early to set any real trends but there were some players who let others know they weren't pushovers. Kenster had a nice game with Chris Clarke and was on his way to a TP on Reg Bamford when the "Croquet Gods" stepped in and stopped his break after 3 back on his second ball with a mistake. Reg, who had been looking very worried, ran onto the court and never looked back.

Although Ren Kraft still maintains his no wins streak he did hit the "tea-lady" and ran a few hoops before turning it back over to his opponent. Jerry Stark also had a nice day with 2 +26 TPs. It was heavy fog when we began but that was gone by 10:00 and the rest of the day was beautiful.

Sunday Games

All games played at Sonoma-Cutrer
Ian Dumergue beat Jacques Fournier +26 TP
Matthew Burrow beat Robin Brown +3 TP
Robert Fulford beat Peter Payne +24 TP
Curtis Drake beat David Maugham +20 TP
Stephen Mulliner beat Bruce Fleming +13 TPO
Jerry Stark beat Richard Baker +17 TP
Reg Bamford beat Ren Kraft +8
Kenster Rosenberry beat Chris Clarke +26 TP
George Latham beat Bruce Baker +17 TP
Mik Mehas beat John Evans +17 TP
Keith Aiton beat Ed Cunningham +6 TP
Leo McBride beat Bob Cherry +7 TPOOT (23-16)
Matthew Burrow beat Jacques Fournier +26 TP
Robin Brown beat Ian Dumergue +10 TP
David Maugham beat Peter Payne +19
Robert Fulford beat Curtis Drake +25 TP
Stephen Mulliner beat Richard Baker +24 TP
Jerry Stark beat Bruce Fleming +26 TP
Chris Clarke beat Ren Kraft +14 TP
Reg Bamford beat Kenster Rosenberry +8 SXP
George Latham beat Mik Mehas +14
Bruce Baker beat John Evans +26
Keith Aiton beat Leo McBride +3 TPOT
Bob Cherry beat Ed Cunningham +23


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