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Sonoma WCC - Monday

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14th May 2002 (International)

Yet another beautiful day and a lot of croquet. Last game ended at 8:00 PM so this will be a short report as it is now 10:30 and I'm ready for bed.

As you can see from the first game results below John Evans had a great start to the day. However, he used all his luck in that game as the rest of his day was all downhill. After Fulford missed 7 roquets in a row we all decided John should go out and buy a lotto ticket as things kept going his way. It took 2 hours and a lot of mistakes and turnovers but finally John got his hard earned win. Robert, however, had enough of that nonsense and his other 3 games were all sextuples in his favour.

Just in case you hadn't noticed the calibre of play has gone up yet another notch this year. TPs are commonplace and even a SXP no longer draws the crowd of spectators as it once did. It must be time for Bob Jackson to return and show everyone how to do octuples.

Games at Sonoma-Cutrer

John Evans beat Robert Fulford +17
David Maugham beat George Latham +20 TP
Jacques Fournier beat Bruce Baker +26 TP
Mik Mehas beat Robin Brown +5
Matthew Burrow beat Peter Payne +13 TP
Ian Dumergue beat Curtis Drake +17
David Maugham beat John Evans +6 TP
Robert Fulford beat George Latham +26 SXP
Jacques Fournier beat Mik Mehas +26
Bruce Baker beat Robin Brown +1 (24-23)
Matthew Burrow beat Curtis Drake +26 TP
Ian Dumergue beat Peter Payne +16 TP
Robert Fulford beat Bruce Baker +3 SXP
David Maugham beat Mik Mehas +11
Jacques Fournier beat Peter Payne +26 SXP
Curtis Drake beat Robin Brown +26 TP
David Maugham beat Bruce Baker +11
Robert Fulford beat Mik Mehas +22 SXP
Matthew Burrow beat John Evans +17 TP
Ian Dumergue beat George Latham +13 TP
George Latham beat Matthew Burrow +6
Jacques Fournier beat Curtis Drake +8
Ian Dumergue beat John Evans +26 TP
Robin Brown beat Peter Payne +26 TP

Games at Meadowood

Reg Bamford beat Bob Cherry +26 SXP
Chris Clarke beat Keith Aiton +24 TP
Stephen Mulliner beat Ed Cunningham +16
Leo McBride beat Jerry Stark +25 TP
Richard Baker beat Ren Kraft +11
Bruce Fleming beat Kenster Rosenberry +26 TP
Chris Clarke beat Bob Cherry +26 TP
Reg Bamford beat Keith Aiton +26 QP
Stephen Mulliner beat Leo McBride +13 TPO
Jerry Stark beat Ed Cunningham +9 OTP
Kenster Rosenberry beat Richard Baker +25
Bruce Fleming beat Ren Kraft +26 TP
Ed Cunningham beat Reg Bamford +26 TP
Chris Clarke beat Leo McBride +26 TP
Stephen Mulliner beat Ren Kraft +23 SXP
Jerry Stark beat Kenster Rosenberry +26 TP
Richard Baker beat Bob Cherry +24 TP
Keith Aiton beat Bruce Fleming +17


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