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The Open Singles Championship Draw

[<<] [>>] by David Maugham at Cheltenham
29th June 2014 (AC - Championships)

The basic format of the qualification is a Burridge Swiss, in that once a player has got a set number of wins or losses (half the number of games to be played) they either qualify or can no longer qualify and therefore do not take part in the Swiss any more. Due to the way a pure Swiss works, it has been seen as being unfair that the people who win continually get stronger opponents, and also that a player getting an early loss in will generally play weaker opponents. As a consequence, last year we introduced the idea of pre-drawing the first six rounds, and doing so in a such a way that all the players got a mix of opponents whose grades averaged out to that of the average of the whole tournament.

The table below is the result of this pre-draw, with the first column being an alphabetical list of players, and the 6 subsequent columns being the people they will play in the first 6 rounds. Once these six round are over, the system will revert to a pure Swiss (i.e. people on the same number of wins will play one another), although there will be some attempt to maintain the Average Opponent Grade by pairing people to minimise the outliers.

The plan is to play 11 rounds, with 6 wins qualifying (and 6 losses going out), but there is always the possibility that circumstances (weather most likely) will conspire to reduce this.

Also, I should point out that the entire main event, including the Swiss, is mandatory Super-Advanced throughout (this is a change from the printed fixtures book, which was amended on the CA website in May). SA is optional if both sides agree in all the other events (doubles included), and I will almost certainly impose it in the semi-finals & final of all the events.

Player Oppo. 1 Oppo. 2 Oppo. 3 Oppo. 4 Oppo. 5 Oppo. 6
Keith Aiton Stephen Mulliner Paul Smith Sarah Burrow George Noble David Foulser David Goacher
Mark Avery Jaimie Mussi Jeff Dawson Joel Taylor Lionel Tibble Pete Trimmer James Hopgood
Reg Bamford David Wise David Goacher Jack Wicks Mark Ormerod James Death Sam Murray
Luc Berthouze Martin Murray Brian Cumming Robert Fulford Gabrielle Higgins Sarah Burrow Andrew Hope
Robin Brown George Noble Lionel Tibble Nick Mounfield Sam Murray Samir Patel Chris Williams
Ian Burridge Martin Murray Ian Vincent Robert Fulford David Foulser Nick Mounfield Jeff Dawson
Sarah Burrow Alain Giraud James Hopgood Keith Aiton Jeff Dawson Luc Berthouze Dave Kibble
Eugene Chang Jeff Dawson Jaimie Mussi Matt Holmes David Wise Ben Rothman Mark Ormerod
Paddy Chapman Andrew Hope Nick Mounfield Jeff Dawson Ian Vincent Brian Cumming David Maugham
Brian Cumming Mike Todorovich Luc Berthouze Ben Rothman Doug Grimsley Paddy Chapman Alain Giraud
Jeff Dawson Eugene Chang Mark Avery Paddy Chapman Sarah Burrow Simon Jenkins Ian Burridge
James Death Matt Holmes Nigel Polhill Dave Kibble Robert Wilkinson Reg Bamford David Wise
David Foulser Pete Trimmer Simon Jenkins Robert Wilkinson Ian Burridge Keith Aiton George Noble
Robert Fulford Mark Ormerod Samir Patel Ian Burridge Luc Berthouze Stephen Mulliner Martin Murray
Alain Giraud Sarah Burrow Stephen Mulliner James Hopgood Mike Todorovich Doug Grimsley Brian Cumming
David Goacher Nigel Polhill Reg Bamford Andrew Hope Paul Smith Gabrielle Higgins Keith Aiton
Doug Grimsley Ben Rothman David Maugham Mike Todorovich Brian Cumming Alain Giraud Paul Smith
Gabrielle Higgins James Hopgood Chris Williams Jaimie Mussi Luc Berthouze David Goacher Stephen Mulliner
Matt Holmes James Death David Wise Eugene Chang Nick Mounfield Chris Williams James Hopgood
Andrew Hope Paddy Chapman Joel Taylor David Goacher James Hopgood Richard M Smith Luc Berthouze
James Hopgood Gabrielle Higgins Sarah Burrow Alain Giraud Andrew Hope Matt Holmes Mark Avery
Simon Jenkins Jack Wicks David Foulser Stephen Mulliner Martin Murray Jeff Dawson Jaimie Mussi
Dave Kibble Nick Mounfield Sam Murray James Death Stephen Mulliner Mike Todorovich Sarah Burrow
Richard M Smith Sam Murray Ben Rothman Pete Trimmer Jack Wicks Andrew Hope Lionel Tibble
David Maugham Robert Wilkinson Doug Grimsley Martin Murray Nigel Polhill Lionel Tibble Paddy Chapman
Nick Mounfield Dave Kibble Paddy Chapman Robin Brown Matt Holmes Ian Burridge Ian Vincent
Stephen Mulliner Keith Aiton Alain Giraud Simon Jenkins Dave Kibble Robert Fulford Gabrielle Higgins
Martin Murray Luc Berthouze Ian Burridge David Maugham Simon Jenkins Robert Wilkinson Robert Fulford
Sam Murray Richard M Smith Dave Kibble David Wise Robin Brown Nigel Polhill Reg Bamford
Jaimie Mussi Mark Avery Eugene Chang Gabrielle Higgins Pete Trimmer Mark Ormerod Simon Jenkins
George Noble Robin Brown Jack Wicks Samir Patel Keith Aiton Paul Smith David Foulser
Mark Ormerod Robert Fulford Mike Todorovich Chris Williams Reg Bamford Jaimie Mussi Eugene Chang
Samir Patel Paul Smith Robert Fulford George Noble Joel Taylor Robin Brown Ben Rothman
Nigel Polhill David Goacher James Death Lionel Tibble David Maugham Sam Murray Joel Taylor
Ben Rothman Doug Grimsley Richard M Smith Brian Cumming Chris Williams Eugene Chang Samir Patel
Paul Smith Samir Patel Keith Aiton Ian Vincent David Goacher George Noble Doug Grimsley
Joel Taylor Chris Williams Andrew Hope Mark Avery Samir Patel Jack Wicks Nigel Polhill
Lionel Tibble Ian Vincent Robin Brown Nigel Polhill Mark Avery David Maugham Richard M Smith
Mike Todorovich Brian Cumming Mark Ormerod Doug Grimsley Alain Giraud Dave Kibble Robert Wilkinson
Pete Trimmer David Foulser Robert Wilkinson Richard M Smith Jaimie Mussi Mark Avery Jack Wicks
Ian Vincent Lionel Tibble Ian Burridge Paul Smith Paddy Chapman David Wise Nick Mounfield
Jack Wicks Simon Jenkins George Noble Reg Bamford Richard M Smith Joel Taylor Pete Trimmer
Robert Wilkinson David Maugham Pete Trimmer David Foulser James Death Martin Murray Mike Todorovich
Chris Williams Joel Taylor Gabrielle Higgins Mark Ormerod Ben Rothman Matt Holmes Robin Brown
David Wise Reg Bamford Matt Holmes Sam Murray Eugene Chang Ian Vincent James Death

There are an odd number of players, hence there are some cross-round games, which will look like some people having two games in the same round.

Some technical details about the pre-drawn Swiss:

The average grade was 2197 based on the grades as at 20th June

The total range of variances of AOG from the AG was between -9.49 and 10.34

The standard deviation of the AOGs was 4.9


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