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Sonoma WCC - Thursday

[<<] [>>] by John T\ylor
17th May 2002 (International)

We are now in the knockout part of the tournaments and one by one players are being eliminated. The only countries left in the winners ladder are USA, ENG, JER, and SA. Those left in the plate ladder are ENG, USA, and NZ. And yes sports fans I'm sorry to report Ren Kraft was knocked out this morning by Bruce Baker. Oh well, keep coming back Ren. He does you know. He is the only player to have attended every WCC.

To date we have had 15 sextuple peels completed. A lot of others were attempted but failed along the way. Sorry but I don't have that count for you. Robert Fulford seems to hold the record at 6 with Reg Bamford close behind with 5.

There is still another game for each medallist but it appears that Fulford has a lock on first medallist and Mulliner is stuck with 4th. Matt Burrow is in 2nd and Jerry Stark is at 3rd but these two could swap places. That's enough of my comments. Here are the results from today with all games played at Sonoma-Cuter.

Stark beat Fulford +26 TP
Burrow beat Mulliner +13
Aiton beat Payne +24
Mehas beat Rosenberry +17 TP
Stark beat Mulliner +10
Fulford beat Burrow +26 SXP
Baker beat Kraft +21 TP
Cherry beat Evans +1 OT (20-19)
R.Baker beat Latham +5 QP
Fleming beat Brown +20
McBride beat Drake +19 TP
Fournier beat Cunningham +16
Bamford beat R.Baker +26 QP
Fleming beat Maugham +9 TP
Burrow beat Stark +16 TP
Fulford beat Mulliner +26 QP
McBride beat Dumergue +26
Fournier beat Clarke +26 TP
Fulford beat Stark +26 SXP
Burrow beat Mulliner +3 TP
Mulliner beat Stark +1
Fulford beat Burrow +1
Bamford beat Fleming +26 SXP
Fournier beat McBride +8 TP


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