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Middlesbrough 'B' Level GC Tournament

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pictureSome of the spectators as Colin Green claws back some hoop points against Margaret Cowman (Photo: Roger Staples)

by Roger Staples at Middlesbrough
19 July 2014 (AC)

Twelve players from far and wide gathered together on a rather wet and humid Saturday morning in July. The weather forecast reported that the previous day had seen temperatures rocket to over 30degC. Not so in Middlesbrough, but the remnants of the thunderstorms from around the rest of the country provided a persistent drizzle for a couple of hours. The forecast was good for the rest of the day. After the first two rounds of a Swiss draw, the leader board looked like it would produce an outright winner fairly easily and by lunchtime the Manager was confident his predrawn rounds was working quite well with David and Jean Ball edging ahead of Margaret Cowman. There must have been something in the water. After lunch the weather changed; more drizzle and very humid. This did not dampen the spirits of the intrepid players and Arthur Ogden, Colin Green and Andrew Carpenter all produced winning performances over the remaining rounds. Final results showed Margaret Cowman and Colin Green both with 5 wins out of six and 38 hoop points scored, so a playoff was organised. Margaret was soon ahead 4 hoops to 1, but dogged play from Colin pulled this back to 5 all. The remaining players were captivated as they watched. Was this going to be another Golden Hoop decider? Margaret had her chance from distance, but Colin's careful positioning of his balls allowed him to win the hoop and claim first place and the winner prize - a bottle of Matt Holmes' Southport Leave. The weather did not spoil an enjoyable day for all. Colin will be eligible for the National Final at Hamptworth and Margaret, David Ball and Andrew Carpenter will go forward having taken the next three places.


1 Colin Green beat David Ball 7 6
2 Margaret Cowman beat Alison Heywood-Hill 7 3
3 Jean Ball beat Andrew Carpenter 7 5
4 Daphne Pepler beat David Widdison 7 5
5 Gill Brent beat Arthur Ogden 7 5
6 Andrea Widdison beat Sylvia MacCallum 7 2
7 David Ball beat David Widdison 7 4
8 Arthur Ogden beat Alison Heywood-Hill 7 4
9 Jean Ball beat Andrea Widdison 7 5
10 Colin Green beat Daphne Pepler 6 5
11 Margaret Cowman beat Gill Brent 7 3
12 Andrew Carpenter beat Sylvia MacCallum 7 4
13 Andrea Widdison beat Gill Brent 7 6
14 Colin Green beat Sylvia MacCallum 7 4
15 David Ball beat Margaret Cowman 7 3
16 Alison Heywood-Hill beat Andrew Carpenter 6 5
17 Jean Ball beat David Widdison 7 3
18 Arthur Ogden beat Daphne Pepler 7 3
19 Andrew Carpenter beat Gill Brent 7 3
20 David Widdison beat Sylvia MacCallum 7 1
21 David Ball beat Arthur Ogden 7 6
22 Alison Heywood-Hill beat Andrea Widdison 7 3
23 Colin Green beat Jean Ball 7 5
24 Margaret Cowman beat Daphne Pepler 7 4
25 Arthur Ogden beat Jean Ball 7 6
26 Andrea Widdison beat Daphne Pepler 7 5
27 Gill Brent beat Colin Green 7 4
28 Margaret Cowman beat Sylvia MacCallum 7 1
29 Andrew Carpenter beat David Ball 7 6
30 David Widdison beat Alison Heywood-Hill 6 5
31 Margaret Cowman beat Jean Ball 7 6
32 Andrew Carpenter beat Daphne Pepler 7 1
33 Gill Brent beat David Widdison 7 2
34 Sylvia MacCallum beat Arthur Ogden 7 6
35 David Ball beat Andrea Widdison 7 2
36 Colin Green beat Alison Heywood-Hill 7 3
37 Colin Green beat Margaret Cowman 7 5

Final leader board

Position   Wins Total Hoop points scored
1 Colin Green 6 45
2 Margaret Cowman 5 43
3 David Ball 4 40
4 Andrew Carpenter 4 38
5 Jean Ball 3 38
5 Arthur Ogden 3 38
7 Gill Brent 3 33
8 Andrea Widdison 3 31
9 Alison Heywood-Hill 2 28
10 David Widdison 2 27
11 Daphne Pepler 1 25
12 Sylvia MacCallum 1 19


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