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Ian Friedlander won the Sidmouth Handicap Weekend

[<<] [>>] by Peter Nelson at Sidmouth Croquet Club
27 Jul 2014 (AC - Handicap)

Twelve players entered the Sidmouth Handicap Weekend with handicaps ranging from 4.5 to 18. The event was played in three blocks of four.
In both blocks A and B there were 3 players with 2 wins. In block C there was a clear winner with 3 wins. In block A players could not be separated by "quality of wins" and the winner was adjudged on points. Block B winner was based on "quality of wins".
The resulting winners of blocks were:

Block A: Ian Friedlander (Sidmouth)
Block B: Brian Pollock (Sidmouth)
Block C: Richard Jelly (Bath)

The best runner-up was Rosemary Bradshaw (Budleigh). The semi-final results were:

Ian Friedlander beat Richard Jelly +10
Brian Pollock beat Rosemary Bradshaw +14

In a closely contested final Ian Friedlander beat Brian Pollock +4.


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