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Ramsgate v Genval

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9-12 May 2002 (International)

Epic tussle at Genval in all sorts of conditions, from hot and sunny through damp and muggy to rain. Lawns lumpy, early in the season. No less than three drunken dinners, including readings of poems from 'Crispy Postmen' and Hawaii website. Light relief when small child referred politely to Ian Price as 'the old gentleman'. Exciting three-ball finish between Eeman and Mitchell, won eventually by Eeman. Good scoff by Appels and tightly-scheduled management by Weiner. Great performance by Ramsgate but victory in the end for Genval, 15-10. Yo Brussels!


G Weiner bt A Mitchell 26:23
A Falcon-Uff bt Mitchell 26:20
I Price bt J Lamb 26:19
Lamb bt Mitchell 26:19 tp
Lamb bt R Welch 26:17
Eeman bt R Welch 26:4
Price bt J Swabey 26:19
R Welch bt Swabey 26:10
Price bt Eeman 26:15
Price & Mitchell bt Eeman & Weiner 26:16
Price & Mitchell bt Falcon-Uff & Swabey 16:13


C Street bt K Heidbuchel 24:23
Weiner bt Price 26:23
Falcon-Uff bt P Lawson 21:14
Mitchell bt Heidbuchel 24:23
Weiner bt Street 26:14
Heidbuchel bt Price 26:0
Falcon-Uff bt Price 26:10
Swabey bt Mitchell 26:20
Eeman bt Street 26:23
Swabey bt J Welch 26:10
Eeman bt Mitchell 26:23
R Welch bt Heidbuchel 26:19
R Welch bt Falcon-Uff 24:20
R Welch bt Weiner 26:17


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