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Virtual Croquet Lawn Now Available

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6th January 2015 (Other News)

Getting withdrawal symptoms from not being near a croquet lawn?

Yearning to hear the click of croquet balls again?

Oxford Croquet's research laboratory is pleased to offer its state-of-the-art Virtual 3D Croquet Lawn:

Before you get too excited, it will only work in up-to-date browsers on up-to-date laptops or desktops. Performance on smartphones and iPads is dismal. It is recommended that you close down your browser tab once you have finished using the 3D Lawn to maximise your computer's performance.

See the help file ( for information on browser requirements and usage instructions.

Two layouts are offered:

A Simple 3D Lawn ( which allows you to rotate and zoom the viewpoint and drag the balls. This can be used as the equivalent of a 'magnetic croquet lawn' for demonstrating manoeuvres to a group, e.g. by coupling your computer up to a projector. It is also useful for preparing lawn diagrams for the web or printing.

A Coaching 3D Lawn ( as above but with demonstration sequences of the four-ball-break, triple and sextuple peels. These have both written and spoken commentaries plus realistic noises.

Apologies to people who have incompatible computer kit; unfortunately there is no work-around.


Chief Scientist

‡ E.g.Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari (IOS8). Not Opera unfortunately.


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