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Pendle lost to Pinchbeck 3-4

[<<] [>>] by Peter and Liz Wilson at York Croquet Club
21 May 2015 (AC - Mary Rose)

Pendle & Craven lost to Pinchbeck 3-4 in the Mary Rose

This "regional" match was played at the halfway club of York. Pendle won the toss but thought that a first round trip of over 3 ½ hours was a little unfair to the opposition and so agreed to the neutral venue. The teams were Pendle; Roger Schofield (1), Peter Wilson (2), Robert Essler (2) and Liz Wilson (2 ½) Pinchbeck Terrey Sparks (1½), John Filsak (ex-Pendle Mary Rose Captain!)(2), Mike Bowser (3) and Bob Thompson (3 ½) giving a slight edge to Pendle. The morning doubles was going all Pendle's way until a couple of good breaks from Pinchbeck snatched victory from the jaws of defeat by 3 points. The singles games were both pretty one sided with Robert beating Mike +11 and Bob beating Liz +11. In the afternoon Robert Essler again pulled out a splendid game and beat Bob Thompson +25. Peter Wilson and John Filsak had a very close game with Peter heading for a win until a missed return roquet gave the innings to John who won +4. Liz's game against Mike was going Mike's way with Liz only managing 3 and 3 back when Mike was on the peg. A few good hit-ins saw Liz pull back to Peg and four back. 2 ball scoops by Liz and quite number of nervy misses saw Liz eventually come out the winner +1. Now all level at 3 - 3 all eyes turned to the end game between Roger and Terry. Roger was on rover and peg with Terrey on 4 back and peg. Terrey blobbed 4 back - Roger had the innings but missed a rush. Terry steadily made the last three hoops for a 3 win and the match. The lawns and facilities at York were excellent and the members very welcoming. All games were played in good spirit and I defy anyone to find two nicer teams. Good luck to Pinchbeck - we are now gunning for you. Liz Wilson (Pendle Captain)


Sparks & Filsak beat Schofield & Wilson +3

Robert Essler beat Mike Bowser +11
Bob Thompson beat Liz Wilson +12
Terrey Sparks beat Roger Schofield +3
John Filsak beat Peter Wilson +4
Robert Essler beat Bob Thompson +25
Liz Wilson beat Mike Bowser +1


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