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Paddy Chapman won the Bowdon Advanced Weekend

[<<] [>>] by Ian Lines at Bowdon Croquet Club
31 May 2015 (AC)

Paddy Chapman beat David Maugham +13, +25qp, +17qp in the final of the Bowdon Advanced Weekend to retain the Peterson Cup - which he has held since 2011. The Bowdon lawns were in good condition, running at about 10 Plummers following some rain, with hoops set at just under a 1/16th.

There weren't many surprises in the early rounds - Debbie had a good win against David Walters in the quarter finals, but David Maugham and Paddy proved too strong for Debbie and Ian respectively in the semi finals. Ian took the first game off Paddy with a 9th turn tp, but Paddy responded with a 6th turn tp in the second. Ian won the opening in the third but made an error at hoop four, Paddy missed a 7 yarder (his only error of the tournament?), but then snicked a 25 yard shot and won quite comfortably. In the other semi final, David failed a few hoops, and Debbie shot pretty well, allowing Debbie to take it to a decider. When David failed 2-back, having done 2 peels of a tp, Debbie went round and pegged him out. Some time later, David was still on 2-back and Debbie had progressed to 3-back with a good guarded leave in corner 4. David inevitably hit his last 35 yard last shot and finished.

In the final, which was played Super-Advanced, Paddy hit 3rd turn each game and had dream leaves which David missed. Each time Paddy went to 3-back, conceding contact, leaving David 4 feet apart across corner 4 and Paddy in corners 2 and 3. David failed a qpo in game one (probably his only error in the final, though he still had a decent leave), and Paddy hit and had very tidy qps in the next two games.

In the Consolation Plate, which was run as an Egyptian, Peter Taylor got off to a good start, winning 4 games on Saturday, but then lost to Andrew Winn in a 5 hour marathon on Sunday (with lunch). The final was then between Andrew and Debbie, with Debbie ending up as winner - the first time Debbie has won anything (other than the Mac) since the North of England Championship in 1995!

Many thanks to the Bowdon Club for providing such an excellent venue for a tournament - the catering was fantastic - even the late and much missed John Saxby, who was responsible for the fabulous catering at this event for many years, would have been impressed. Thanks also to Alan Mayne for the lovely lawns and to Barry Keen for setting all the hoops so well. There are a few photos on the Bowdon website at

MAIN EVENT (21 games)
First Round
Paddy Chapman beat Peter M Taylor +26tp
Ian Lines beat Mike Sandler +25tp
Andrew Winn beat Lee Hartley +21
Debbie Lines beat Francois Garcia +17
Brian Storey beat Jerry Guest +17
David Maugham beat Richard H Smith +15tp
David Walters beat Charles Harding +11
David Mooney beat Colin Irwin +5

Quarter Finals
David Maugham beat Andrew Winn +26tp
Paddy Chapman beat Brian Storey +18tp
Debbie Lines beat David Walters +26tp
Ian Lines beat David Mooney +17tp

Semi Finals (best of 3)
Paddy Chapman beat Ian Lines -26tp, +26tp, +21tp
David Maugham beat Debbie Lines +21tp, -17, +6

Final (best of 5)
Paddy Chapman beat David Maugham +13, +25qp, +17qp

Peter M Taylor beat Mike Sandler +26
Lee Hartley beat Francois Garcia +23
Peter M Taylor beat Charles Harding +26
Colin Irwin beat Mike Sandler +21
Andrew Winn beat Francois Garcia +26tp
Richard H Smith beat Jerry Guest +24
Peter M Taylor beat David Walter +24
David Mooney beat Brian Storey +5
Andrew Winn beat Colin Irwin +25tp
Charles Harding beat Lee Hartley +9
Francois Garcia beat Mike Sandler +13
David Walters beat Richard H Smith +24
Peter M Taylor beat Jerry Guest +20
Brian Storey beat Lee Hartley +7
Lee Hartley beat Mike Sandler +25
Brian Storey beat Charles Harding +26
Debbie Lines beat David Mooney +25tp
Jerry Guest beat Francois Garcia +17
David Walters beat Ian Lines +2
David Mooney beat Lee Hartley +5
Colin Irwin beat Richard H Smith +11
Charles Harding beat Mike Sandler +7
Andrew Winn beat Peter M Taylor +6
David Mooney beat Francois Garcia +26
Ian Lines beat Jerry Guest +21
David Walters beat Brian Storey +20
Lee Hartley beat Richard H Smith +17
David Mooney beat Peter M Taylor +7
Mike Sandler beat Jerry Guest +7
Colin Irwin beat Charles Harding +11
Debbie Lines beat Andrew Winn +13

Paddy Chapman (-2.5) 7/8 4tps, 2qps
David Maugham (-2) 4/8 3tps
David Walters (-1.5) 4/6
Ian Lines (-1.5) 4/7 3tps
Colin Irwin (-1.5) 3/5
Debbie Lines (-1) 5/7 2tps
Andrew Winn (-1) 4/6 2tps
Brian Storey (-1) 3/6
Peter M Taylor (-1) 4/7
Lee Hartley (-0.5) 3/7
Richard H Smith (-0.5) 1/5
Jerry Guest (1) 1/6
David Mooney (1.5) 5/7
Mike Sandler (3) 1/7
Francois Garcia (3) 1/6
Charles Harding (3) 2/6


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