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David Goacher Won the Opens Consolation Z

[<<] [>>] by Samir Patel at Surbiton Croquet Club
12th July 2015 (AC - Championships)


David Goacher

David Goacher

David Goacher

David Goacher

Stuart Lawrence
Lionel Tibble

Lionel Tibble

Mark Ormerod
Robert Hurst

Robert Hurst

Brian Cumming

Jose Alvarez-Sala
Mike Town

Brian Cumming

Brian Cumming

Z Swiss

2015-07 Opens - Exported at 12-Jul-2015 19:15

*** Current Standings ***

Z Swiss 3/3 Brian Cumming
Z Swiss 3/3 Robert Hurst
Z Swiss 2/2 David Openshaw
Z Swiss 1/1 Alan Chance
Z Swiss 1/1 Ben Rothman
Z Swiss 1/1 Jamie Burch
Z Swiss 3/4 Lionel Tibble
Z Swiss 1/1 Mark Avery
Z Swiss 1/1 Mike Town
Z Swiss 2/3 Jose Riva
Z Swiss 2/3 Robert Wilkinson
Z Swiss 3/5 Jose Alvarez-Sala
Z Swiss 1/2 David Wise
Z Swiss 1/2 Dennis Bulloch
Z Swiss 1/2 James Death
Z Swiss 1/2 Luc Berthouze
Z Swiss 1/2 Mark Ormerod
Z Swiss 1/2 Stuart Lawrence
Z Swiss 1/3 Dave Kibble
Z Swiss 2/6 Doug Grimsley
Z Swiss 0/1 Martin Murray
Z Swiss 0/1 Nelson Morrow
Z Swiss 0/1 Sam Murray
Z Swiss 0/1 Virginia Arney
Z Swiss 0/2 Harry Fisher
Z Swiss 0/2 John Arney
Z Swiss 0/3 Joel Taylor
Z Swiss 0/4 Graham Gale

*** Results to Date ***

Z Swiss 1. Doug Grimsley lost to Dave Kibble -5
Z Swiss 2. David Wise beat John Arney +13
Z Swiss 3. Jamie Burch beat Virginia Arney +22
Z Swiss 4. Lionel Tibble beat David Wise +23
Z Swiss 5. Joel Taylor lost to Stuart Lawrence -16
Z Swiss 6. Alan Chance beat John Arney +19
Z Swiss 7. Graham Gale lost to Dennis Bulloch -16
Z Swiss 8. Harry Fisher lost to James Death -12 TPO
Z Swiss 9. Jose Riva beat Mark Ormerod +26 TP
Z Swiss 10. Luc Berthouze beat Jose Alvarez-Sala +10
Z Swiss 11. Sam Murray lost to Doug Grimsley -25
Z Swiss 12. Brian Cumming beat Joel Taylor +9
Z Swiss 13. Jose Riva lost to Mark Avery -9 TP
Z Swiss 14. Robert Wilkinson beat Harry Fisher +15
Z Swiss 15. Mark Ormerod beat Graham Gale +12
Z Swiss 16. Ben Rothman beat Dennis Bulloch +19
Z Swiss 17. David Openshaw beat Doug Grimsley +10
Z Swiss 18. Mike Town beat Robert Wilkinson +4
Z Swiss 19. Dave Kibble lost to Robert Hurst -14
Z Swiss 20. Doug Grimsley lost to Lionel Tibble -24
Z Swiss 21. Nelson Morrow lost to Lionel Tibble -14
Z Swiss 22. Doug Grimsley beat Dave Kibble +7
Z Swiss 23. Robert Hurst beat Graham Gale +16
Z Swiss 24. Brian Cumming beat Luc Berthouze +13
Z Swiss 25. Jose Alvarez-Sala beat James Death +17
Z Swiss 26. Graham Gale lost to Robert Wilkinson -20
Z Swiss 27. Jose Alvarez-Sala beat Joel Taylor +3
Z Swiss 28. Robert Hurst beat Lionel Tibble +4
Z Swiss 29. Jose Alvarez-Sala beat Stuart Lawrence +12
Z Swiss 30. Brian Cumming beat Doug Grimsley +7 TP
Z Swiss 31. Jose Riva beat Jose Alvarez-Sala +22
Z Swiss 32. David Openshaw beat Martin Murray +23


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