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Opens Commentary Friday

[<<] [>>] by Jack Wicks at Surbiton
10th July 2015 (AC - Championships)

Opens Commentary Friday


moved here as having speed and reliability issues with because i dont like it!


on lawn 1 JB has a straight rover peel to do to finish his tp vs Goacher and win 2-0

on lawn to SM got to 1&1b with a leve. AG then got to 1&1b. SM not taking 1b ball to 4b giving a lift. leaves blackk


...leaves black (1) in nsl position.


JB got to peg and rover so DG has a last lift


on lawn 3 James death was about to start a quad in the first vs Reg but missed a 4 or 5 yarder at partner at hoop 4 to let reg in.


on lawn 1 DG blue ignores his lift. shots from peg at red and yellow laid up near 2. misses.


on lawn 2 AG blue hits the lift, looking to go to 4b from 1b.


on lawn 3 Reg has gone to 1b with a DSL. yellow (4) at the peg.


on lawn 2 AG blue gets in front of 1b but fails it off of red which cannot see blue


on lawn 2 SM takes a 7 yarder at black near 4 with yellow (1) centre balls it. now has to make 1 but should have a standard tp set up if he manages it.


on lawn 3 JB takes long lift with red and blue and black. hits centre ball rushing blue to c4

on lawn 2 SM rushes 6 yard south hoop 1. approaches well but fails from straight in front.



on lawn 1 JB pegs out to win +23 and the match 2-0


on lawn 2 AG shoots from 2 with blue at red and yellow at 1. misses. SM yellow runs 1. rushes red to south boundary near blue. black is at 3 so needs to rush to 2 for a break.


on lawn 2 SM rushes to 3 first so will rush black from there to 2


on lawn 3 JD got going, left red (3b) near 3b for the quad? but stuck in 6.


question from a viewer; are the quarters bo3 or bo5? its bo3.


on lawn 2 SM has made 2. rushed blue to yellow on south boundary. send black to 4. has to try roll red to peeling position from pegish going to blue at hoop 3.


on lawn 1 Ben Rothman has just mssed a lift vs Paddy. Paddy has made 1 with partner for 4b. has rushed to c4. partner at 2 so hogan roll to come?


on lawn 2 SM makes 3 but cant get the peel. leaves red in front of 4b for a delayed tp.


on lawn 3 RB is going from 1b to 4b with the balls looking like he will make a DSL


on lawn 1 PC has a long peel attempt after 3.

on lawn 2 SM has control at 5 and balls ready for 4b peel before 6.

on lawn 3 RB finshes with a DSL (SHOCK!)


on lawn 1 PC seems to have jawsed peel after 3

on lawn 2 SM has jawsed 4b peel before 6


on lawn 1 PC has a backward take off to 5 and a poor hoop 6 pioneer.

on lawn 2 SM makes 6 and rush peels partner.


on lawn 1 PC seems to have recovered. runs 6 to north boundary. has option of peeling before 1b.

on lawn 2 SM has black and red at 2b?!

on lawn 3 RB has left red (3b) at the peg so that it does not rush to 6


on lawn 2 despite having to goo 2b pioneers SM has to approach 2b from a foot behind. wind picks up. he walks back, does a press up...runs it so can try rush red to peeling position at penult


on lawn 1 PC seems to have got the penult peel before 1b

on lawn 2 SM leaves partner infront of penult ready for delayed double


on lawn 3 JD lifts red (3b) shots down east boundry and hits again. expect him to make 1 hoop and a leave.


on lawn 1 paddy is back in full control. 1 peel to do. just run 2b.


on lawn 2 SM has played some poor shots and got to a very rough delayed double position. not gaurnteed to make 4b.


on lawn 3 JD has made 4b so going to peg and hoping reg will miss his lift


on lawn 2 SM has made 4b but straight double needed to finish. having to rush red infront of penult from 3 or 4 yards south east.


on lawn 2 SM rushes well in front of penult. peels red to 2yd north peg. hits blue. black is at rover.


on lawn 1 PC has a straigh rover peel to do. good control


on lawn 3 JD has gone to peg. conceeding a lift. leaves black (1) few yards south c2. blue (4b) in hoop 6. yellow (6) joined up with red on east boundary near 4 with rush to the middle of the lawn


on lawn 2 SM did well and got the straight rover peel having rushed there from north of peg.


on lawn 1 PC pegs out to beat Rothman 2-1

on lawn 2 SM pegged out to beat Giraud 2-1

on lawn 3 RB lifts black (1) from c2. misses short shot at yellow. JD now needs a 4bb from 6 to peg to take the first.


David maugham is off to practice before starting against Chapman. he is complaining of a sore back.


on lawn 3 JD yellow has left red on the north boundary ater 1b. takes off to black at 3b. rushes it away frm 3b. needs more control to be comfortable


on lawn 3 JD has to play a croquet stroke from behind 2b sending out his 4b pioneer which goes sailing past 4b. makes 3 back to hampered position but ends up with a rush to end of b baulk whichhhh he takes. thick take off to red pushing black towards penult. gets a easterly rush on red towards blue.


on lawn 3 JD has recovered a 4bb. runs penult


on lawn 3 JD copes with a backward take off to rover and 5 yard return roquet to win the first +17


Reg and James stop for lunch


on lawn 2 Samir and Jamie have started. i didnt see the opening but samir has just failed 1 with a 3bb ahead of him


on lawn 2 JB shoots blue from 2 at yellow near 1. red is dead in front of 1. blue misses yellow in to c1. black is in c4.


SP decides to shot red from in front of 1 at blue in c1. hits it quarter ball. yellow is near by so blue goes to 2.


chris clarke is on so ill probably leave him to it on lawns 2 and 3. might see if i can keep an eye on 1 and 4


James death has eaten, Reg has moved from reading the paper


that should have saif Reg has NOT moved


on lawn 2 samir has failed hoops 1 2 and 3 so far, hes makes them look difficult?


on lawn 1 Robert Fulford and Steve Mulliner are about to start


on lawn 1 SM red went to east boundary few yards north of level with 5

RF lays a very long duffer tice with black


on lawn 1 SM stomps around the lawn before deciding to shot at red with yellow from c3. misses to c4.


on lawn 1 RF shoots from B baulk with blue at black, misses in to c1


on lawn 1 SM shots yellow at red in c4, misses


on lawn 1 RF shots black at yellow and red in c4 (double?) misses


on lawn 1 SM has made 1 with both blue and black ahead of him


on lawn 1 SM has missed a fairly short roquet after 2


Paddy and Dave are going down to start on lawn 4. Conditions down there are apparently a lot easier.


on lawn 1 RF missed from 2 to 3.

SM then misses red at yellow in c4


on lawn 1 RF playing black hit partner to behind 2 and then either took off and went off the lawn or was short and missed red and yellow in c4


on lawn 4 DM won the toss and chose red and yellow.

PC has made a DL 3rd turn


on lawn 4 DM misses from c3 to c4

on lawn 1 SM is playing with red, he has rushed straight to 3 having punted black out a bit


on lawn 4 DM actually hit


on lawn 1 SM has made 3 and has croquet on the east boundary level with 6. tries to roll yellow behind 4 going to black. yellow has hit the hoop and possibly gone in the jaws


on lawn 4 DM rushed to partner, put blue to 2 then rushed to 1, failed the hoop


on lawn 1 SM has has thrown black towards hoop 1 while trying to get in front of 4


on lawn 1 SM has not run 4.

on lawn 4 PC has missed from hoop 2 at red and yellow at 1


oon lawn 1 RF shots with black from 1 to c2, misses


on lawn 1 DM puts partner to 2, gets black to 3, uses blue on the south boundary as his hoop 1 pioneer


on lawn 4 DM has made 1 and hit a 5 yard return roquet, has a 4bb


on lawn 1 S has made 4, sent partner to 6 and gone to blue and black in c2, needs to rush to 5 to make it


on lawn 1 SM tonks his rush well past, approaches to 5ft. runs it smoothly


on lawn 1 SM has a break

on lawn 4 DM has a break


on lawn 1 SM makes 6 off partner and rushes to east boundary 10 yards north c4. will be making a cross peg/spread


on lawn 4 i expect DM to go to 3b giving contact


on lawn 1 RF lifts blue from near west boundary. shoots at black at the peg from c1


on lawn 1 RF hits the lift rushing black off the east boundary level with hoop 3


on lawn 4 DM leaves partner near c2 after 1b


on lawn 4 DM makes 2b, puts black yards north c4, plus 3 yards west c4, strikers ball to c3


on lawn 1 RF has made 2 and has a break


on lawn 4 PC has lifted blue. takes off from yellow in c2 to red in c3. sens red to hoop 1 going to black in c4. red goes off the west boundary just north of c1, blue got to a couple yards north of hoop 4


on lawn 4 DM shoots red at yellow in c2, misses


on lawn 4 PC hits blue with black


on lawn 1 RF has got to 5 and still going


on lawn 4 PC took off to red and yellow, rushes yellow to 1, makes it, rushes to 4 yards south hoop 2, red is closer to corner 2 than hoop 2


on lawn 1 RF has made 6 off partner and has yellow at 1b and red at 2b


on lawn 4 PC plays croquet stroke putting yellow to 3 getting a rush on blue to c2, makes 2 and has all the balls now


on lawn 1 RF has gone to 4b giving contact, left black (1) in c4, yellow (1) on west boundary 4yd north c1, red (1b) west boundary roughly level with peg and blue (4b) in c3


on lawn 4 PC has made 6 and continuing on his 4bb


on lawn 1 SM takes contact with yellow from black in c4, takes off to blue in c3, 8 yards short, joins up north of red on west boundary, not sure if that was an attempted roquet or nott


on lawn 4 PC has popped yellow through 1 and 2 and is now making 2b


on lawn 1 RF shots black from near c4 at red and yellow, misses, assume SM will try and go from 1b to 4b now


on lawn 4 PC has made 3b, leaves red near (3b) c4, leaves blue (1) near c2, Yellow (3) on east boundary near h3, black in c1

on lawn 1 SM makes 1b and 2b without moving blue from c3


on lawn 1 SM red fails 2b, conceeding a lift!


on lawn 1 RF lifts black to b baulk, hits blwith two balls at his hoop


on lawn 4 DM lifts red,

on law


on lawn 4 DM lifts red, takes off from blue in c2 to yellow near 3, rolls towards c4, laays a rush for red, leaves black in c1

on llawn 3 reg is on a sxp, SM comes to watch



on lawn 1 RF plays a roll from north boundary bouncing blue off 3 going to h2, standard tp on the cards


on lawn 4, PC blue shoots from c2 a red and yellow, hits


on lawn 4 PC rushes red towards c1, goes off south boundary fairly close, takes off behind black, rushes to 1


on lawn 1 RF looks to have failed the peel after 3


on lawn 4 PC makes 1, rushes black towards c4, sends it to 3, getting a rush on yellow to red


on lawn 4 PC needs a take off to from north of red to get a rush to 2, not very good, gets a rush to c1


on lawn 1 RF makes 4 and goes straight to 5 sending out a hoop 6 pioneer


on lawn 4 PC tries to roll up to 2, nowhere near, joins up with black at 3


on lawn 1 RF rushes partner in to the jaws of 4b before 6, takes off to hoop 6 pioneer


on lawn 4 DM red misses yellow joining up between c1 and h1


on lawn 1 RF makes 6, sends partner to 2b


on lawn 4 PC makes 2 but no hoop 3 pioneer so work to do to get a break let alone tp


on lawn 1 RF is through 2b, delayed double to do


on lawn 1 PC made 3 off partner, had a go at the peel going to red just past h6, didnt see if peel went through


on lawn 4 PC makes 4, sets up for 4b peel before 6, has to take off to h5 pioneer 2yards south west 5


on lawn 4 PC runs 5 but has lost control, runs it well past reception ball, has to play a roll sending out his 1b pioneer going to partner, plays a great shot, jaws the 4b peel


on lawn 1 Rf is approachin 4 with 2 peels done


on lawn 4, PC has rushed peeled 4b after 6, sent partner past 2b


on lawn 1 RF is taking off from partner in fron of rover to penult pioneer


im off to play croquet, see for chris clarkes commentaryy


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