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England won the 2002 Home Internationals

[<<] [>>] by Ian Vincent at Nottingham
15-16 Jun 2002 (International)

England won the 2002 Home Internationals beating Ireland 3-1 in the decisive match. Both countries earlier having had convincing wins over Wales and Scotland. Wales comfortably beat Scotland 4-1 to finish in third place.

Fortunes on the lawn followed those on the pitch (the manager, Gordon Hopewell, having thoughtfully provided a TV to keep at least some of the players at the club during the lunchtime 2nd round games), as England won 3 matches to Ireland's 1 in their deciding match in the Home Internationals, having both defeated Scotland and Wales. Wales took 3rd place, with a 4-1 win over the northern team.

Apart from David Maugham's sextuple, the main interest for the few spectators came from the pegged out end games. Chris Clarke finished with an all-round break from a contact leave with balls in 2nd and 3rd corners (roll the corner 3 ball to hoop 2, going to the ball in corner 2; approach hoop 1 with a 30 yd backwards take-off, run it to the boundary, pick up the ball in corner 2 and you are away); Ed Cunningham sportingly pegged two balls leaving the other two for hoop won against Sam Tudor, but came home by 4 despite conceding the lifts; and three wins by the minimum margin.

Final results, with some matches left unfinished, were:

1 England 3 wins
2 Ireland 2 wins
3 Wales 1 win
4 Scotland 0 wins

England Bt Wales 4 - 0 with 1 Unfinished

David Maugham v Ian Burridge -15 +8
Chris Clarke bt Chris Williams +2tp - 26 +13tp
Robin Brown bt Tony Mrozinski +17 +26tp
Colin Irwin bt Sam Tudor +17 +7
Pete Trimmer bt William de B Prichard +26 -3 +26tp

Ireland Bt Scotland 4 - 0 with 1 Unfinished

Mark McInerney bt Ian Bond +17tp +21
Simon Williams bt Jonathon Kirby +1 +26tp
Rowan McInerney bt David Magee +8 +16tp
Ed Cunningham bt Gordon Hopewell +6 -19 +3
Alan McInerney v Bruce Rannie +4 -5

England Bt Scotland 3 - 0 with 2 Unfinished

Maugham v Bond +4 -14
Clarke bt Kirby +19tp +26tp
Brown v Magee +1 -8
Irwin bt Hopewell +26tp +26tp
Trimmer bt Rannie +5tp +1

Ireland Bt Wales 5 - 0

M.McInerney bt Burridge -11+5+17
S. Williams bt C. Williams -13 +13 +18tp
R. McInerney bt Mrozinski -4 +26 +13tp
Cunningham bt Tudor +10 -26tp +4tpo
A.McInerney bt Prichard +13 +14

England Bt Ireland 3 - 1 with 1 Unfinished

Maugham bt M.McInerney +16tp +16sxp
Clarke bt S. Williams -2 +13 +26tp
Brown lost to R. McInerney -26tp -26tp
Irwin bt Cunningham +5 +26
Trimmer v A McInerney +3

Wales Bt Scotland 4 -1

Burridge bt Bond -11 +18 +25
C. Williams lost to Kirby -26 -12tp
Mrozinski bt Magee +21 +9
Tudor bt Hopewell +5 +26tp
Prichard bt Rannie +6 +18


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