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Bill Humphreys won the Tyneside Midweek Handicap Weekend

[<<] [>>] by David Appleton at Tyneside
2 Jun 2016 (AC - Handicap)

The sun shone for the last round of games, but the previous six had been played under grey skies with a very chilly wind, particularly on the more exposed of the two lawns. So it was surprising that the winner was the person least adapted to the cold, visiting Victorian Bill Humphreys, who managed to play several very tidy breaks. Indeed he would have won by a greater margin but for being unfamiliar with the pegging-out law in handicap games (which are hardly ever played in Australia). Jim Wilson from Keswick, playing in his first tournament, was the only other newcomer to the tournament; he did well to win three games out of seven. There was one handicap reduction: Nigel Roberts came down from 12 to 11. In spite of having moved house at the end of the previous week Sheila Watts still managed to cater for all the players (and the very underused RoT) with her usual grace.

Full results

Bill Humphreys (3.5) beat Terry Vernazza +22, Ian Hall +7t, Jim Wilson +14, Chris Roberts +20, Frances Colman +5t.
Vernazza (4) beat Nigel Roberts +4, Wilson +12, C Roberts +5, David Milliner +7, Colman +7t.
Hall (4.5) beat Vernazza +18, Wilson +2, Milliner +14, +6t.
N Roberts (12) beat Humphreys +18, Hall +5, Milliner +17, Colman +20.
Wilson (8) beat N Roberts +17, C Roberts +5, Colman +18.
C Roberts (1) beat N Roberts +8, Milliner +8, Hall +4t.
Milliner (6) beat Humphreys +1t, Wilson +11.
Colman (9) beat Milliner +2t


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