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Open Championships - Singles Pre-Drawn Rounds

[<<] [>>] by David Maugham at Cheltenham
2-10 Jul 2016 (AC - Championships)

Player   Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6
Mark Avery   David Maugham Matt Holmes Brian Cumming Paul Smith Stephen Mulliner Louise Bradforth
Reg Bamford   Robert Hurst Martin Murray Jeff Soo Mark Ormerod David Walters James Death
Louise Bradforth   Lionel Tibble Sam Murray Dave Kibble Sarah Hayes Gavin Carter Mark Avery
Jamie Burch   Dave Kibble Sarah Hayes Sam Murray Samir Patel Paddy Chapman David Wise
Gavin Carter   Sam Murray David Goacher Jack Wicks Matt Holmes Louise Bradforth Samir Patel
Paddy Chapman   Jeff Dawson Matthew Essick David Wise Andrew Hope Jamie Burch Brian Cumming
Brian Cumming   Alison Girdlestone Jeff Dawson Mark Avery Martin Murray Robert Hurst Paddy Chapman
Jeff Dawson   Paddy Chapman Brian Cumming Joel Taylor Chris Williams Alison Girdlestone Jeff Soo
James Death   Stephen Mulliner Steinar Olsen Samir Patel Ian Vincent Lionel Tibble Reg Bamford
Matthew Essick   Martin Murray Paddy Chapman David Walters David Wise George Noble Jack Wicks
Alison Girdlestone   Brian Cumming Jeff Soo Mark Ormerod Dave Kibble Jeff Dawson Joel Taylor
David Goacher   Sarah Hayes Gavin Carter Ben Rothman George Noble Sam Murray Lionel Tibble
Sarah Hayes   David Goacher Jamie Burch Matt Holmes Louise Bradforth James Hopgood Andrew Hope
Matt Holmes   Ben Rothman Mark Avery Sarah Hayes Gavin Carter Steinar Olsen George Noble
Andrew Hope   Steinar Olsen Paul Smith Stephen Mulliner Paddy Chapman Jeff Soo Sarah Hayes
James Hopgood   Paul Smith Jack Wicks Martin Murray David Maugham Sarah Hayes David Walters
Robert Hurst   Reg Bamford Mark Ormerod Paul Smith Stephen Mulliner Brian Cumming Ian Vincent
Simon Jenkins   David Wise Samir Patel David Maugham Lionel Tibble Paul Smith Ben Rothman
Dave Kibble   Jamie Burch David Maugham Louise Bradforth Alison Girdlestone Chris Williams Mark Ormerod
David Maugham   Mark Avery Dave Kibble Simon Jenkins James Hopgood Ben Rothman Paul Smith
Stephen Mulliner   James Death Lionel Tibble Andrew Hope Robert Hurst Mark Avery Chris Williams
Martin Murray   Matthew Essick Reg Bamford James Hopgood Brian Cumming Steinar Olsen Sam Murray
Sam Murray   Gavin Carter Louise Bradforth Lionel Tibble Jamie Burch David Goacher Martin Murray
George Noble   Chris Williams David Walters Ian Vincent David Goacher Matthew Essick Matt Holmes
Steinar Olsen   Andrew Hope James Death Chris Williams Jack Wicks Matt Holmes Martin Murray
Mark Ormerod   Jeff Soo Robert Hurst Alison Girdlestone Reg Bamford Jack Wicks Dave Kibble
Samir Patel   Joel Taylor Simon Jenkins James Death Jamie Burch Ian Vincent Gavin Carter
Ben Rothman   Matt Holmes Joel Taylor David Goacher Jeff Soo David Maugham Simon Jenkins
Paul Smith   James Hopgood Andrew Hope Robert Hurst Mark Avery Simon Jenkins David Maugham
Jeff Soo   Mark Ormerod Alison Girdlestone Reg Bamford Ben Rothman Andrew Hope Jeff Dawson
Joel Taylor   Samir Patel Ben Rothman Jeff Dawson David Walters David Wise Alison Girdlestone
Lionel Tibble   Louise Bradforth Stephen Mulliner Sam Murray Simon Jenkins James Death David Goacher
Ian Vincent   David Walters David Wise George Noble James Death Samir Patel Robert Hurst
David Walters   Ian Vincent George Noble Matthew Essick Joel Taylor Reg Bamford James Hopgood
Jack Wicks   James Hopgood Chris Williams Gavin Carter Steinar Olsen Mark Ormerod Matthew Essick
Chris Williams   George Noble Jack Wicks Steinar Olsen Jeff Dawson Dave Kibble Stephen Mulliner
David Wise   Simon Jenkins Ian Vincent Paddy Chapman Matthew Essick Joel Taylor Jamie Burch

Unlike previous years, this draw has been optimised to minimise the difference in Expected Number of Wins for a Player with an Average Grade for each draw. This minimises the fact that very low grade players distort the AOG used previously.

Note that Wicks, Hopgood, Burch, M Murray, S Murray and Olsen have cross-round games, so appear twice in some columns.


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