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Peterborough Inaugural Croquet Tournament 9-10 July 2016

[<<] [>>] by Patricia Duke-Cox at Peterborough
10th July 2016 (Other News)

With the park committee and bowls club having agreed to allow hoops to be set in one of the bowls greens, Peterborough was able to host a ten person tournament on two lawns. The club decided to run a tournament with two blocks of five, one handicap play and one advanced play, ensuring that club players and visitors at all levels were able to participate. Adrian Kirby did a great job of laying out the new lawn with string and setting new hoops.

Rain delayed the start, with torrential downpours flooding the lawns briefly mid morning. By lunchtime though the sun was shining, the lawns had drained quickly and the complimentary cakes had come out.

The following day had more sunshine and more cakes, provided by the ladies of the club. Our thanks to the Peterborough Club for a very well organised and sociable event, in a fantastic park venue. It is to be hoped that this will be the first of many using the bowls club extra lawns.

Handicap Block

In the handicap block the players ranged from Mark Betambeau, a promising new player off 18, and the more experienced Paul Hetherington playing off 6, who unfortunately had to pull out of the second day due to a back injury. It was played as a strict block, all play all, and was won by Wendy Dominguez who won 3 out of 4 games and earned herself a well deserved drop from 9 to 8.

Wendy Dominguez (9) 3/4,
(Charles Ostler +13, Patricia Duke-Cox +14 (18pt game), Mark Betambeau +15, Paul Hetheringon -1(t)

Charles Ostler (7) 2/4,
(Wendy Dominguez -13, Mark Betambeau +10(t), Paul Hetherington (WO), Patricia Duke-Cox -2(t)

Mark Betambeau (18) 2/4,
(Wendy Dominguez -15, Charles Ostler -10(t), Paul Hetherington +14(18pt game), Patricia Duke-Cox +5(t)

Paul Hetherington (6) 2/4,
(Wendy Dominguez +1(T), Charles Ostler (WO), Patricia Duke-Cox +2(t), Mark Betambeau -14(18pt game)

Patricia Duke-Cox (10) 1/4,
(Wendy Dominguez -14 (18pt game), Charles Ostler +2(t), Paul Hetherington -2(t), Mark Betambeau -5(t)

Advanced Block

With faster games, this event was played as a flexible Swiss. The conditions were relatively easy and the results reflect this with 10 TPs out of 15 games. Adrian Kirby completed his first ever ranking Straight Triple Peel, a nice result given the effort he has put into making this event happen. There was one sextuple attempt, but a sudden and violent downpour proved too off-putting and a crucial shot was missed. Nick Mounfield won all his games and a handicap drop to -2.

Nick Mounfield (-1.5) 6/6 D Lines +25TP, J Filsak +26TP, A Kirby +3TP, I Lines +17TP, I Lines +17, J Filsak +23

Ian Lines (-2) 5/7 D Lines +5TP, J Filsak +23TP, N Mounfield -17TP, D Lines +17TP, J Filsak +23TP, N Mounfield -17

Adrian Kirby (0) 3/5 J Filsak +7, N Mounfield -3TP, I Lines -13TP, J Filsak _11, D Lines +4STP

Debbie Lines (-1) 1/5 N Mounfield -25TP, I Lines -5TP, J Filsak +17, A Kirby -4STP, I Lines -17TP

John Filsak (1.5), 0/7 A Kirby -7, N Mounfield -26TP, I Lines -23TP, D Lines -17, A Kirby -11, I Lines -23TP, N Mounfield -23


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