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James Hopgood Won the North of England Championship

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pictureIan Lines presents James Hopgood with the North of England Trophy at Compton Croquet Club. (Photo: Alison Girdlestone)

by Ian Lines at Bowdon
25 Sep 2016 (AC - Championships)

A full field of 22 contested the North of England Championship, including several first timers at Bowdon, such as Jose Riva who flew in specially from Madrid to add an international flavour. The overall entry was pretty strong, with 16 players having handicaps of -1 or better. There were few surprises in the main event knockout, though Joel Taylor had a good win against Chris Williams, and Debbie Lines got through against David Walters, who had to withdraw following a wrist sprain. Despite the fine weather throughout, the tournament always looked in some danger of not finishing, although Ian Lines beating David Goacher with two +26tps did at least ensure that the best-of-five semis could start on Sunday morning as planned. The most entertaining game was probably Jose's +1otp against Debbie, where Jose's excellent shooting proved decisive.

In the first semi, David Maugham was clearly too good for Ian Lines, who was lucky to take a game in the best-of-five. In the other semi, Jose Riva didn't play as well as he had earlier in the tournament, and James Hopgood won 3-1. The final started at 9.30am on Monday, and it looked at 6pm as though David would win 3-1 after completing a tpo, but David was slightly hampered after 3-back and missed a 5 yarder, leaving James a 16 yard shot at a double, which he duly hit and finished from hoop 2 to level the match. James then had to leave to catch a plane (the manager had agreed this when accepting his entry) and it has been agreed that the final game will be played at the South of England Championship.

STOP PRESS - The final game of the final was played on the first morning of the South of England Championship. James took the title with a +25tp win.

In the plate, the most remarkable performance was by Alison Girdlestone (handicap 2.5) who had a string of five consecutive wins, including her first tournament triple (gaining a CA gold merit award) and wins against James Hawkins (-1) and Dave Kibble (-1.5). Alison later went on to record her best ever win by beating Ian Lines (-2) by +6, after Ian only made one error breaking down on a triple. Alison's handicap was duly reduced to 1. The final of the plate was contested between David Goacher and Dave Kibble, which Dave Kibble eventually won +16 after a good attempt at a sextuple.

Many thanks to Bowdon for hosting this great event and to all those involved in preparing the lawns and providing all the excellent catering. Thank you also to Barry Keen and Colin Irwin for setting all the hoops - all very well set to 1/32" - and a little tighter for the semis and final.

Ian Lines

Main Event

Preliminary Round (best of 3)
Jose Riva beat Charles Harding +26tp, +17
David Maugham beat Jerry Guest +19tp, +20
Debbie Lines beat Mike Sandler +24, +17
Peter Taylor beat Alison Girdlestone +14, +24
David Walters beat Francois Garcia +5, +23
Colin Irwin beat Avril Rangoni-Machiavelli +17, -15, +16

First Round (best of 3)
Ian Lines beat Sam Murray +11tp, -21, +16
Joel Taylor beat Chris Williams +16, -16, +4
James Hopgood beat James Hawkins +10, +9
Debbie Lines beat David Walters -16, +16, w/o
David Maugham beat Colin Irwin +26qp, +26tp
Dave Kibble beat Phillip Scarr +18, -15, +5tp
David Goacher beat Richard H Smith -23, +14, +24tp
Jose Riva beat Peter Taylor +20tp, +18

Quarter Finals (best of 5)
James Hopgood beat Joel Taylor +10, +25tp
Jose Riva beat Debbie Lines +26qp, +1otp
David Maugham beat Dave Kibble +20tp, +26tp
Ian Lines beat David Goacher +26tp, -18, +26tp

Semi Finals (best of 5)
James Hopgood beat Jose Riva +12tpo, -26tp, +24tp, +16tp
David Maugham beat Ian Lines +13tp, -16tp, +20tp, +18

Final (best of 5)

James Hopggod beat David Maugham +15tp, -14, -16tp, +5otp, +25tp

Consolation Plate

Charles Harding beat Jerry Guest +9
Alison Girdlestone beat Mike Sandler +5
James Hawkins beat Francois Garcia +10
Jerry Guest beat Mike Sandler +4
Sam Murray beat Chris Williams +14
James Hawkins beat Charles Harding +25tp
Alison Girdlestone beat Avril Rangoni-Machiavelli +16tp
Jerry Guest beat Francois Garcia +16
Colin Irwin beat Mike Sandler +4
Chris Williams beat Peter Taylor +20
Phillip Scarr beat Sam Murray +4tp
Mike Sandler beat Peter Taylor +15
Debbie Lines beat Colin Irwin +25tp
James Hawkins beat Joel Taylor +7
James Hopgood beat Chris Williams +17tp
Richard Smith beat Charles Harding +1(t)
Alison Girdlestone beat Francois Garcia +1(t)
Jose Riva beat Phillip Scarr +17
Sam Murray beat Dave Kibble +17tp
Peter Taylor beat Joel Taylor +17
Alison Girdlestone beat James Hawkins +12
Dave Kibble beat Chris Williams +8
Sam Murray beat David Goacher +10
Debbie Lines beat Phillip Scarr +18
Richard H Smith beat Colin Irwin +3(t)
Charles Harding beat Avril Rangoni-Machiavelli +1(t)
Chris Williams beat James Hawkins +26
Joel Taylor beat Francois Garcia +26tp
Peter Taylor beat Jerry Guest +26
Alison Girdlestone beat Dave Kibble +19
David Goacher beat Phillip Scarr +24tp
Sam Murray beat Richard H Smith +5
Colin Irwin beat Charles Harding +12
Chris Williams beat Jerry Guest +15
James Hawkins beat Debbie Lines +6
Chris Williams beat Richard H Smith +25
David Goacher beat Charles Harding +23tp
Phillip Scarr beat Peter Taylor +15
Joel Taylor beat Alison Girdlestone +4
Dave Kibble beat Francois Garcia +18tp
Dave Kibble beat James Hawkins +2tpo
Sam Murray beat Colin Irwin +9
Jerry Guest beat Avril Rangoni-Machiavelli +5
Francois Garcia beat Charles Harding +1(t)
Phillip Scarr beat James Hawkins +7
Joel Taylor beat Richard H Smith +24
Peter Taylor beat Alison Girdlestone +14
Debbie Lines beat Charles Harding +25
Sam Murray beat Jerry Guest +16
Phillip Scarr beat Francois Garcia +20
Peter Taylor beat Joel Taylor +23
Jose Riva beat Debbie Lines +19
Alison Girdlestone beat Ian Lines +6

Quarter Finals of Plate

Ian Lines beat Alison Girdlestone +26

Jose Riva beat Chris Williams +18tp
Dave Kibble beat Sam Murray +7tp
David Goacher beat Debbie Lines +12tpo

Semi Finals of Plate
Dave Kibble beat Ian Lines +18
David Goacher beat Jose Riva +3tp

Final of Plate

Dave Kibble beat David Goacher +16

55 games in main event
60 games in plate


David Maugham (-2.5) 11/14 1qp, 8tps, 1otp
James Hopgood (-2) 10/13 6tps, 1tpo
Jose Riva (-1.5) 10/14 1qp, 4tps
David Goacher (-1.5) 7/12 4tps, 1tpo
Ian Lines (-2) 6/13 4tps
David Walters (-2) 3/4
Chris Williams (-2) 5/11
Phillip Scarr (-1) 5/10 1tp
Dave Kibble (-1.5) 8/13 3tps, 1tpo
Joel Taylor (-1) 5/11 1tp
Debbie Lines (-1) 6/12 1tp, 1otp
Sam Murray (-1) 6/11 1tp
Richard H Smith (-1) 3/8
Peter Taylor (-1) 6/11
James Hawkins (-1) 4/10 1tp
Colin Irwin (-1.5) 4/10
Francois Garcia (3) 1/9
Alison Girdlestone (2.5) 6/11 1tp
Mike Sandler (3.5) 1/6
Jerry Guest (2.5) 4/9
Charles Harding (3) 2/10
Avril Rangoni-Machiavelli (3) 1/6


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