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The Scottish Croquet Association won the Glasgow Quaich

[<<] [>>] by Charles Waterfield at Middlesbrough CC
4 Sep 2016 (International)

The Scottish Croquet Association retained the Glasgow Quaich with a 16-8 win over the Croquet Association in the annual match held at Middlesbrough Club.

With two minus players, the Scots were always likely to present a bit of a challenge to their North of England hosts, although there was some hope in the B-level HC area.


0 Eugene Chang (Sheffield)
0 Andrew Killick (Mbro)
1 Robert Essler (Pendle)
1.5 Peter Wilson (Fylde)
1.5 Liz Wilson (Fylde)
3.5 Roger Staples (Mbro)


-1 Campbell Morrison (Balgreen)
-0.5 David Magee (Cheltenham)
0 John Surgenor (Glasgow)
1.5 Alan Wilson (Balgreen)
6 Brian Durward (Glasgow)
7 David Houston (Meadows)

In a departure from custom we occupied the first day, which was miserably wet, with the two rounds of Doubles, leaving three Singles rounds for the Sunday (with an earlier start). This arrangement seemed popular, as players had time together for a relaxing evening meal, before heading off to their hosts or hotels. Thankfully the Sunday was better weather wise and we actually ended in sunshine for the group photos.

Full results are given below (with SCA players in italics). It can be seen that quite a few games were close run affairs (indeed two 'golden hoops' featured), or were the result of one player coming back from almost certain defeat (Morrison vs Killick and Chang vs Surgenor come to mind). David Magee was the only player to win all three singles. One singles game used 14-point format (advanced - as were all games), to give a player time to catch his train home. The Scots in fact had won the match before the last round of singles started, but everyone was happy to continue playing - with the CA at last producing better results, but too late! The Quaich itself has still 'gone missing'.


Doubles (Day 1)

Campbell Morrison & David Houston bt Eugene Chang & Roger Staples +1XT (17-16)
John Surgenor & Alan Wilson bt Robert Essler & Peter Wilson +22
David Magee & Brian Durward bt Andrew Killick & Liz Wilson +9

CA 0, SCA 3

Campbell Morrison & Brian Durward bt Eugene Chang & Liz Wilson +12T (22-10)
Robert Essler & Roger Staples bt John Surgenor & David Houston +14
David Magee & Alan Wilson bt Peter Wilson & Andrew Killick +4T (20-16)

CA 1, SCA 5
RESULTS (cont)

Singles (Day 2)

David Houston bt Roger Staples +25
David Magee bt Andrew Killick +21
Eugene Chang bt Campbell Morrison +19
John Surgenor bt Robert Essler +17
Liz Wilson bt Brian Durward +6T
Alan Wilson bt Peter Wilson +1XT

CA 3, SCA 9

David Magee bt Eugene Chang +10
John Surgenor bt Andrew Killick +23
Campbell Morrison bt Robert Essler +4T (19-15)
Peter Wilson bt Brian Durward +8
Alan Wilson bt Roger Staples +5T (21-16)
David Houston bt Liz Wilson +8

CA 4, SCA 14

Campbell Morrison bt Andrew Killick +1
Liz Wilson bt Alan Wilson +11
Peter Wilson bt David Houston +2 (14-point)
Roger Staples bt Brian Durward +9
David Magee bt Robert Essler +4T
Eugene Chang bt John Surgenor +3

Final Result: CA 8, SCA 16


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