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Adam Swinton Won the Bowdon B-Level Weekend

[<<] [>>] by Ken Cooper at Bowdon
18 Sep 2016 (AC)

This was the first year in which there was not a full entry of competitors, with only 10 players contesting the B-Level Advanced Weekend at Bowdon over a gloriously sunny weekend.

The weather was warm and sunny throughout and the tournament was played, as always, in a cheerful and friendly spirit. The lunches and teas were outstanding and much appreciated by the visitors (and the home players too!). The event was very well managed by Barry McKenzie, who was managing his first tournament. The lawns were a pleasure to play on and thanks go to Alan Mayne and his helpers for all their care, which included removing the dew each morning and leaving before anyone else arrived. Thanks also go to Colin Irwin for hoop setting and refereeing.

The final was between Adam Swinton of Bowdon and Dennis Scarr of Middlesbrough, with Adam winning +12, +7. Meanwhile, Caroline Denny from The Bears won the consolation Egyptian event.




Brian Kerr beat

Sylvia Steer

Adam Swinton beat

Graham Abraham





Dennis Scarr beat

Barry McKenzie

Jerry Guest beat

Mike Steer

Caroline Denny beat Brian Kerr +10
Adam Swinton beat Adrian Morris +8
Adam Swinton beat Jerry Guest +16
Dennis Scarr beat Caroline Denny +7
FINAL (best of 3)      
Adam Swinton beat Dennis Scarr +12
Adam Swinton beat Dennis Scarr +7
Jerry Guest beat Dennis Scarr +14tp
Mike Steer beat Graham Abraham +8T
Brian Kerr beat Adrian Morris +7
Mike Steer beat Barry McKenzie +8T
Sylvia Steer beat Graham Abraham +4T
Caroline Denny beat Adrian Morris +13
Barry McKenzie beat Sylvia Steer +1T
Caroline Denny beat Mike Steer +13T
Adrian Morris beat Sylvia Steer +11T
Barry McKenzie beat Graham Abraham +19
Jerry Guest beat Brian Kerr +12
Caroline Denny beat Jerry Guest +3T
Brian Kerr beat Barry McKenzie +7
Mike Steer beat Sylvia Steer +8
Adrian Morris beat Graham Abraham +20
Adam Swinton (3.5) 5/5    
Caroline Denny (2) 4/5    
Brian Kerr (2) 3/5    
Jerry Guest (2.5) 3/5    
Mike Steer (6) 3/5    
Dennis Scarr (2) 2/5


Adrian Morris (2) 2/5


Barry McKenzie (6) 2/5


Sylvia Steer (4.5) 1/5


Graham Abraham (7) 0/5


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