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David Barratt won 5th Lancashire Open Golf Tournament

[<<] [>>] by Geoff Young at Heaton Park
9th May 2004 (GC - Championships)

The 5th Lancashire International Open Golf Croquet Tournament, played at Heaton Park on May 8-9, resulted in victory for home player David Barrett. In somewhat indifferent weather, the eight contestants battled through a round-robin on the Saturday, Chris Sheen leading with six wins to Roy Ware's five, David Barrett on four, and Don Beck leading the tiebreak in the 3-win group.

The Sunday began with the consolation event of randomly paired doubles, the winners of all three games in the round-robin being John Moore and Roy Ware with Tom Weston and Chris Sheen second. The knockout 19-point semi-finals resulted in Chris beating Don 10-5 and David, who had been modestly surprised to reach this stage, beating Roy 8-6 on time. In the best-of-three final David began well and scored the winning point with an amazing hoop 12 run from corner two. He kept his cool in the second game and won it 7-4 to secure the championship trophy.

Full Results

A) Qualifying Matches (All Play All with Top 4 Entering a Knockout to Decide the Outcome)

David Barrett beat Donald Beck 7-4
John Moore beat Patricia Duke-Cox 7-5
Chris Sheen beat Tom Weston 7-5
Roy Ware beat David Turner 7-5
David Turner beat Tom Weston 7-6
Chris Sheen beat Roy Ware 7-6
John Moore beat David Barrett 6-5
Donald Beck beat Patricia Duke-Cox 7-4
Chris Sheen beat Patricia Duke-Cox 7-3
David Turner beat David Barrett 7-5
Roy Ware beat Donald Beck 7-5
Tom Weston beat John Moore 7-6
David Barrett beat Roy Ware 7-5
Tom Weston beat Patricia Duke-Cox 7-2
Chris Sheen beat John Moore 7-3
Donald Beck beat David Turner 7-4
John Moore beat David Turner 7-6
Chris Sheen beat Donald Beck 7-3
David Barrett beat Tom Weston 7-5
Roy Ware beat Patricia Duke-Cox 7-1
Tom Weston beat Donald Beck 7-6
Roy Ware beat John Moore 7-3
David Turner beat Patricia Duke-Cox 7-3
Chris Sheen v/s David Barrett (match unresolved)
Chris Sheen beat David Turner 7-2
David Barrett beat Patricia Duke-Cox 7-2
Donald Beck beat John Moore 7-4
Roy Ware beat Tom Weston 7-3

B) Knockout Play-Offs Results


Chris Sheen beat Donald Beck 10-5
David Barrett beat Roy Ware 8-6


David Barrett beat Chris Sheen 7-5; 7-4

Doubles Results (All Play All):

Winners: John Moore and Roy Ware 3/3
Runners up: Tom Weston and Chris Sheen 2/3
Others: Donald Beck and David Turner 1/3; David Barrett and Patricia Duke-Cox 0/3


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