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James Hawkins Won the Jubilee Tankard at Southport's Advanced Weekend (22-23 April)

[<<] [>>] by James Hawkins at Southport
23rd April 2017 (AC)

There was much to entertain the spectators on the Sunday. In the
deciding game of their best of three semifinal, Peter Wilson pegged out
one ball leaving a three-foot shot to finish next turn, with Hawkins far
behind on 2 and 4b. James hit his last shot, played 11 hoops under
control, wired Peter from the peg and left him a 30-yard shot. Peter
missed and James immediately finished with a +1 score.

James then faced an identical scenario in the final against Paul Rigge.
Paul had several attempted shots at the peg, but was tempted into one
trap too many and James limped round to steal a second consecutive +1.
In the second game, Paul failed to capitalise on James's messy play
around hoops. By the time he'd pegged out James's forward ball he was
already too far behind, and James took the final 2-0.



James Hawkins bt Liz Wilson +22

Dave Nick bt Alan Pidcock +23

James Hawkins bt Dave Nick +3

Peter Wilson bt Peter Taylor +19

Paul Rigge bt Jerry Guest +13

Richard H Smith bt Mark Lloyd +21

James Hawkins bt Peter Wilson +4 -14 +1

Paul Rigge bt Richard Smith +24 +17

James Hawkins bt Paul Rigge +1 +14


Peter Taylor bt Liz Wilson +1T

Peter Wilson bt Alan Pidcock +1T

Jerry Guest bt Mark Lloyd +10

Dave Nick bt Peter Taylor +17

Liz Wilson bt Alan Pidcock +11

Mark Lloyd bt Peter Taylor +12

Richard Smith bt Dave Nick +9

Peter Taylor bt Paul Rigge +15

Mark Lloyd bt Dave NIck +6

Richard Smith bt Liz Wilson +20

Alan Pidcock bt Jerry Guest +7

Richard Smith bt Peter Taylor +15

Mark Lloyd bt Liz Wilson +22

Dave Nick bt Peter Wilson +10


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