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Mystery deepens - what's the point of streaking at a Nudist Championships?

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by Quiller Barrett
2nd August 2002 (Other News)

Not only thunder rocked Ealing today. The public were prohibited from getting near the croquet lawns and security guards were in position with their walkie-talkies. All because the first ever (or will someone contradict me?) Nude Croquet Championships were taking place.

More than half-a-day's filming may be seen, edited down to a 30 sec. TV commercial, advertising a new brand of crisps.

In case the CA's committee responsible for recruitment starts getting excited, I must report the players were - well, let's face it, wrinkly. I should hastily add they were specially imported and not members of Ealing Croquet Club. But look out for the final pack shot which involved a very charming young lady . . . and a young gentleman streaker who got a round of applause from the ladies present.


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