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Expansion of GC Inter-Counties Event

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21st September 2017 (GC - Championships)

Expansion the GC Inter Counties

The GC Tournament Committee are very keen to expand the GC Inter County's event so that the present playoff becomes unnecessary. To do this we really need to attract at least two more teams than entered in the present year, i.e. a total of sixteen. The event will be moved in 2018 to one week later giving the three days of the bank holiday for its staging. The starting point for any new entries has to be via an official Organiser who takes on the role of coordinating all players who are qualified for a specific county and to the best of his or her ability ensures that a viable team will turn up on the day. It is also vital that the CA have a single contact who will speak for all qualified players.

If one visits the Tournament pages of the CA web site, one will find a list of all players who have registered as Organisers for both the GC and AC versions of the event. You will note that some counties have Organisers although they may not have played in the current year. Their team may have lost in the playoff or the county may not have sufficient players to form a team. All Counties correspondence is circulated to all Organisers irrespective of whether they are playing in the current year.

If you are interested in playing in this event then you first course of action is to contact your listed Organiser if one is already appointed. Alternatively if your county has not played previously in the event, then you have two courses of action. Find other players who are qualified to play for the county and get one of you to take on the role of Organiser or alternatively take on the role yourself. The CA web site will always publish the appointment of any new Organiser and request players who are qualified to register for that county. Many of you many not realise but by simply clicking on the county in the list of Counties and Organisers will give a list of all players already registered for that county. Its a good starting point.

The process of becoming Organiser is very painless. Simply contact the Tournament Director and let him know of your interest and your name will be added as registered Organiser. This defines you as the contact for anyone wishing to play for your county but is not an entry as such. There is more work once you decide to enter a team for the next event. You will be required to produce a list of potential players, who have agreed to play if a team is formed. together with their eligibility criteria. For a brand new county, we would expect the list to have at least six players to allow for possible unavailability. The tournament committee has to ensure that the 'new' county is not making existing counties non viable and the team put forward is viable.

Provisional entries for the 2018 event are required to be in the hands of the CA Office before the end of October this year to allow for the more detailed planning of the event. If anyone has any further questions, please raise them with me by either phone or email

Bill Arliss
Tournament Director


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