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The Croquet Championship 2018 Swiss Predrawn Rounds

[<<] [>>] by David Maugham at Cheltenham CC
20th June 2018 (AC - Championships)

Player   Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6
Mark Avery   Andy Myers Joel Taylor Andrew Hope David Goacher Robert Fulford Doug Grimsley
Paul Bennett   Stephen Mulliner Mark Suter Dave Kibble Robin Brown Andrew Hope George Noble
Louise Bradforth   Mike Town Samir Patel Andy Myers Andrew Hope Jamie Burch Dave Kibble
Robin Brown   Gareth Denyer Stephen Mulliner Paddy Chapman Paul Bennett Macey White Sarah Hayes
Jamie Burch   Daniel Gott George Noble Mark Suter Brian Cumming Louise Bradforth Paddy Chapman
Eugene Chang   Andrew Hope Robert Fulford Martin Murray Andy Myers Joel Taylor David Maugham
Paddy Chapman   David Wise Doug Grimsley Robin Brown Sam Murray Mike Town Jamie Burch
Brian Cumming   Mark Suter Daniel Gott Gareth Denyer Jamie Burch David Maugham Mike Town
Jeff Dawson   James Death Ian Vincent Macey White Robert Fulford Andy Myers Joel Taylor
James Death   Jeff Dawson Macey White David Maugham David Wise Alison Jones Samir Patel
Gareth Denyer   Robin Brown David Wise Brian Cumming Doug Grimsley Sam Murray David Goacher
Robert Fulford   Martin Murray Eugene Chang Sam Murray Jeff Dawson Mark Avery Chris Williams
Alain Giraud   Sarah Hayes Sam Murray David Goacher Dave Kibble Stephen Mulliner Andrew Hope
David Goacher   David Maugham Alison Jones Alain Giraud Mark Avery Chris Williams Gareth Denyer
Daniel Gott   Jamie Burch Brian Cumming Stephen Mulliner Joel Taylor Ian Vincent Alison Jones
Doug Grimsley   Alison Jones Paddy Chapman George Noble Gareth Denyer Mark Suter Mark Avery
Sarah Hayes   Alain Giraud David Maugham Chris Williams Ian Vincent George Noble Robin Brown
Andrew Hope   Eugene Chang Andy Myers Mark Avery Louise Bradforth Paul Bennett Alain Giraud
Alison Jones   Doug Grimsley David Goacher Mike Town Mark Suter James Death Daniel Gott
Dave Kibble   Macey White Chris Williams Paul Bennett Alain Giraud Samir Patel Louise Bradforth
David Maugham   David Goacher Sarah Hayes James Death Mike Town Brian Cumming Eugene Chang
Stephen Mulliner   Paul Bennett Robin Brown Daniel Gott Samir Patel Alain Giraud Martin Murray
Martin Murray   Robert Fulford Mike Town Eugene Chang Chris Williams David Wise Stephen Mulliner
Sam Murray   Ian Vincent Alain Giraud Robert Fulford Paddy Chapman Gareth Denyer David Wise
Andy Myers   Mark Avery Andrew Hope Louise Bradforth Eugene Chang Jeff Dawson Mark Suter
George Noble   Chris Williams Jamie Burch Doug Grimsley Macey White Sarah Hayes Paul Bennett
Samir Patel   Joel Taylor Louise Bradforth Ian Vincent Stephen Mulliner Dave Kibble James Death
Mark Suter   Brian Cumming Paul Bennett Jamie Burch Alison Jones Doug Grimsley Andy Myers
Joel Taylor   Samir Patel Mark Avery David Wise Daniel Gott Eugene Chang Jeff Dawson
Mike Town   Louise Bradforth Martin Murray Alison Jones David Maugham Paddy Chapman Brian Cumming
Ian Vincent   Sam Murray Jeff Dawson Samir Patel Sarah Hayes Daniel Gott Macey White
Macey White   Dave Kibble James Death Jeff Dawson George Noble Robin Brown Ian Vincent
Chris Williams   George Noble Dave Kibble Sarah Hayes Martin Murray David Goacher Robert Fulford
David Wise   Paddy Chapman Gareth Denyer Joel Taylor James Death Martin Murray Sam Murray


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