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Report on Sidmouth B-Level Tournament

[<<] [>>] by Julie Horsley at Sidmouth
18 Aug 2018 (AC)

Early morning heavy rain delayed the start of Sidmouth annual "B" level advanced play tournament
by an hour. After then it was a mixture of sun, cloud and the occasional drizzle.

Players were divided into two American Blocks.

In Block A there was a tie for first place between Andrew Dutton (Woking CC )and David Boyd
( Rother Valley CC ) -for both it was their first visit to Sidmouth - on "Who beat Whom " Andrew was the block winner.

In Block B - there was a three way tie for first place between Keith Ross (France), Chris Donovan and Philip Harris (both Sidmouth CC), but on "Who beat Whom" Keith was the block winner.

The Final between Andrew Dutton and Keith Ross kept spectators glued to their seats, with some brilliant hitting in and wiring.

With Andrew ( Red and Yellow ) on 1 and 2 -back and Keith ( Blue and Black ) with Blue on 1 and Black on 4-back, Keith hit in with Blue and proceeded to go round making the first of a triple peel, but failed to get position for the peel on penult so abandoned the triple and went to Peg.

Andrew hit in with Yellow on his lift shot - failed to get a good position for 4-back so laid up for Red for Hoop 1 - Keith failed to hit in, leaving Andrew to go round to Peg and Peg Blue out. There then followed some very tactical play with both hitting in and failing to get position for their remaining hoops, but with some very fine wiring Andrew ran 2-back and proceed a hoop at a time by wiring Keith until after 4-back Andrew brought the Black ball into play, but failed to make penult, leaving Keith a fairly easy hit in to run penult and rover and peg out. It was a game when it could be said that they both deserved to win as there was such good play by them both.

David Temple the Club President presented the prizes. Keith on receiving the Regency Salver said that on looking at the list of winners, he had previously won it back in 2012.


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