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Vacancy For WCF Treasurer

[<<] [>>] by Stephen Mulliner and Ian Lines
8 Oct 2018 (International)

The WCF Treasurer, Martin French, has informed the WCF Management Committee (MC) of his wish to retire as Treasurer with effect from 31 December 2018.

Martin has made a great contribution to croquet administration over the years, both domestically with the Croquet Association and with the WCF. He served as Secretary-General from 2010 to 2013, Acting Treasurer from 2016 and then as Treasurer from 2017 until now.

The MC is therefore seeking to fill the vacancy with a view to the new Treasurer taking office from 1 January 2019. If more than one candidate is proposed, there will be an election by the WCF Council.

Potential candidates are free to contact Stephen Mulliner directly to express interest or ask questions. However, a candidate must be formally proposed by the WCF Member to whom they are affiliated. If a WCF Member wishes to propose a candidate, the nomination should be authorised in writing or by email by the candidate and by an appropriate officer of the nominating Member.

Nominations must be accompanied by a brief resume of the candidate's personal details. Candidates should be proposed no later than 31 October 2018 to be sure of taking part in an election if there is more than one candidate. However, if there is only one candidate, there will be no election and this timetable will not apply.

If any English CA member wishes to be put forward by England then they should contact Ian Lines.

WCF Treasurer - job specification.

The role involves keeping the books and preparing the annual budget and annual accounts for the World Croquet Federation. The accounts are inspected by the Independent Examiner (Brian Havill) and the budget is submitted to the WCF Council for approval. The WCF is solvent with good reserves spread across operating, general and reserve funds held in three UK banks and all in GBP (Sterling).

Keeping the books does not require a great deal of time - less than an average of an hour a week - and involves around 80 transactions a year. Receipts are mainly Member subscriptions and world championship entry fees and come in by bank transfer and PayPal. Payments are made by cheque or bank transfer when foreign exchange is involved. Monthly bank statements must be checked and filed.

There are opportunities to move to on-line two person authorisation for on-line banking, which would simplify the payment process, and the Independent Examiner also has some ideas for simplifying the bookkeeping templates used.

The accounting year is the calendar year and all transactions relating to a year will have passed through the bank accounts by mid-January of the following year. This means that preparing the annual accounts can start promptly. While much is straightforward there can sometimes be complications and particular transactions that take some time to resolve and record correctly. Preparing these accounts and the annual budget has taken the current Treasurer an estimated 20 - 30 hours each year though he has suggested that someone with accounting experience might be far quicker.

The post holder needs to be numerate, logical and comfortable with Microsoft Excel and on-line banking and PayPal account management. There is no need for the Treasurer to be a UK resident.

The Treasurer is a full member of the WCF Management Committee and has a vote on the MC. An annual honorarium of £150 may be claimed.

The role falls vacant from 1st January 2019.


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