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Coronavirus - Guidelines to CA members, Clubs & Federations

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16th March 2020 (Other News)

Below are details to update the CA family on what will be a fast moving situation over the next few months.

As a general rule, when entering Tournaments or Events, we recommend that members only book accommodation that can be cancelled without penalty and refundable public transport tickets until the high risk of an event cancellation is over.

Should you wish to withdraw from a tournament that was set up through the CA website please do so here:

There is a help page here:

Withdrawing from an event entry using this system, automatically sends a message to the CA Office to process a refund or to the Club if payment was made directly to it. (This may take some time due to staff availability to administer the refund)

Decisions about cancelling tournaments would generally be made no later than a fortnight before they start. We also ask players to decide whether they intend to play or withdraw before the closing date if possible, so that realistic assessments of the likely number of entries can be made and Tournament Managers can plan an order of play.

The information below is specific for different types of tournaments:

  1. CA Tournaments being hosted by CA member Clubs

- The host club should make the decision as to whether they wish to continue to host the Event. If the club decides not to host the event a dialogue should take place with the Chair of the Tournament Committee as to whether the event is cancelled or can be postponed.

- If the CA Event is still to go ahead, individual entrants have the choice to play in the event or withdraw.

- If a player chooses to withdraw they will be refunded their entrance fee in full (This may take some time due to staff availability to administer the claim)

- There could well be situations where a club wants to go ahead but the entry level gets such that running the tournament is no longer viable. In which case the CA reserve the right to cancel the event.

- The Tournament Director will be responsible for informing the players and the CA, if a CA Event is cancelled or postponed.

  1. CA Competitions

All England

- Clubs that have already agreed to host All England Competitions can withdraw/ postpone their offer to host an event by contacting the Tournament Director.

- Where an individual has entered such an event and wishes to withdraw the entry fee will be refunded by the CA or the Club as appropriate.

Inter Club Competitions & Inter Counties Competitions

- Further information to follow.

  1. Club Tournaments appearing in the Fixture Calendar with the administration being handled by the CA office

- The host club will make the decision whether they wish to continue to host the tournament. In the event of the club deciding to cancel the event, the Tournament Manager/ Secretary will be responsible for informing the entrants & the CA (CA office & Chair of appropriate Tournament Committee).

- The refund policy is the responsibility of the host club. However if the club agrees to grant a refund, the CA will do so and waive the administration fee.

- There is a Help icon for Tournament Secretaries on the Tournament Entry System Page: (
- Clubs are encouraged to make a decision at least two weeks prior to the event.

  1. Club Tournaments being administered by the host Club

- This is a decision for the club. Clubs are encouraged to make a decision at least two weeks prior to the event.

  1. Federations Competitions and Tournaments being hosted by Federation Clubs

- This is the responsibility of each Federation in conjunction with the host clubs.

6. International Events being hosted by the CA

- The CA will respond to any guidance from the organising body.

- If a club wishes to withdraw hosting such an event they should contact the appropriate organising body.

Roger Staples

Executive Board


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