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Rich Waterman won the Wrest Park weekend

[<<] [>>] by John Bevington at Wrest Park
8-9 Jul 2020 (AC)

The tournament was won by Richard Waterman with three wins out of four, one of which was against Stephen Wright who also had three wins including a TP against Rod Ashwell and a TPO against Cliff Jones. Everybody turned up (all five) for five rounds: all-play-all with a smattering of one-ball between the first loser and whoever was sitting out. The visitors seemed happy with the relaxed arrangements and the Covid precautions. There were no time limits, but a couple of games were given a final hour after two hours to ensure the following round could proceed. Starting on lawns 1&3 it wasn't difficult to socially distance, and lawn 4 was reclaimed from the rabbits and put to use on Sunday. The weather was scorching and the lawns fast, somewhere between 10 and 11 in the morning thanks to John Bevington cutting them at 6.5mm the day before.

Know the Laws #94: Playing George Collin, Rod, for 2 and 1-back, went round from 2 to rover peeling partner through 1-back, and made a leave anticipating a lift. From the contact, George made the last three hoops, peeled partner through rover from near the peg and pegged out his own ball. Rod picked up a good three-ball break but, with time pressing, failed 4-back to give George a short roquet to finish.

Richard Waterman (-½) beat Cliff Jones (½) +25

Stephen Wright (-1) beat George Collin (1½) +7

Richard Waterman beat Stephen Wright +5

Rod Ashwell (-½) beat Cliff Jones +22

Richard Waterman beat George Collin +3

Stephen Wright beat Rod Ashwell +4tp

Stephen Wright beat Cliff Jones +11tpo

George Collin beat Rod Ashwell +6

Rod Ashwell beat Richard Waterman +4

George Collin beat Cliff Jones +15


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