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Chairman's Salver Report

[<<] [>>] by Robin Brown at Nottingham
10-13 Sep 2020 (AC)

Last Updated at 18:16 on 13/09/20

Positions after 14 Rounds

Samir Patel+24tp+15tp-8tpo+20tp+20tp+1+8otp6131
Ian Burridge-24tp-4otp+26-19tp+4+22+23tp482=
James Galpin-15tp+4otp+22+5+24tp-8-20tp482=
Robin Brown+8tpo-26-22-7+25tp-9+24374=
Duncan Reeve-20tp+19tp-5+7+15+5tp+23tp574=
Sam Murray-20tp-4-24tp-25tp-15+26tp+26tp266
Ian Lines-1-22+8+9-5tp-26tp+2347
Jonathan Powe-8otp-23tp+20tp-24-23tp-26tp-2138

Peeling Stats

PEELING etc.opsxpqnpqptpotTot
On partner2121
On opponent (winning)4n/a4
On opponent (losing)4n/a4

Margin Stats

Margin of Victory1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526TOTAL

Results to Date

RdLnThursday, 10 September
11Robin BrownbeatSam Murray+25tp
 2Duncan ReevebeatJonathan Powe+23tp
 3Samir PatelbeatIan Burridge+24tp
 5Ian LinesbeatJames Galpin+8
21James GalpinbeatIan Burridge+4otp
 2Samir PatelbeatIan Lines+1
 3Sam MurraybeatJonathan Powe+26tp
 5Duncan ReevebeatRobin Brown+7
31Samir PatelbeatDuncan Reeve+20tp
 2James GalpinbeatSam Murray+24tp
 3Ian LinesbeatRobin Brown+9
 5Ian BurridgebeatJonathan Powe+23tp
41Sam MurraybeatIan Lines+26tp
 2Duncan ReevebeatIan Burridge+19tp
 3Samir PatelbeatJonathan Powe+8otp
 5James GalpinbeatRobin Brown+22
RdLnFriday, 11 September
51Jonathan PowebeatJames Galpin+20tp
 2Robin BrownbeatSamir Patel+8tpo
 3Ian BurridgebeatSam Murray+4
 5Duncan ReevebeatIan Lines+5tp
61Ian BurridgebeatRobin Brown+26
 2Ian LinesbeatJonathan Powe+2
 3James GalpinbeatDuncan Reeve+5
 5Samir PatelbeatSam Murray+20tp
71Samir PatelbeatJames Galpin+15tp
 2Duncan ReevebeatSam Murray+15
 3Robin BrownbeatJonathan Powe+24
 5Ian BurridgebeatIan Lines+22
81Jonathan PowebeatDuncan Reeve+6
 2Samir PatelbeatIan Burridge+10otp
 3James GalpinbeatIan Lines+21
 5Robin BrownbeatSam Murray+12tpo
RdLnSaturday, 12 September
91Sam MurraybeatIan Burridge+5
 2Robin BrownbeatIan Lines+14tp
 3Samir PatelbeatDuncan Reeve+20tp
 5James GalpinbeatJonathan Powe+12
101Duncan ReevebeatIan Lines+13
 2Ian BurridgebeatJonathan Powe+20
 3Sam MurraybeatJames Galpin+24tp
 5Samir PatelbeatRobin Brown+13tpo
111Samir PatelbeatJonathan Powe+21tp
 2James GalpinbeatDuncan Reeve+11
 3Ian BurridgebeatRobin Brown+19
 5Sam MurraybeatIan Lines+24
121Robin BrownbeatJames Galpin+10
 2Samir PatelbeatSam Murray+23tp
 3Ian LinesbeatJonathan Powe+10tpo
 5Ian BurridgebeatDuncan Reeve+9otp
RdLnSunday, 13 September
131Samir PatelbeatIan Lines+10
 2James GalpinbeatIan Burridge+7tp
 3Robin BrownbeatDuncan Reeve+5tp
 5Sam MurraybeatJonathan Powe+24
141Duncan ReevebeatSam Murray+26
 2Jonathan PowebeatRobin Brown+23
 3Ian BurridgebeatIan Lines+25tp
 5Samir PatelbeatJames Galpin+10


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