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Reg Bamford won the Association Croquet Open Singles Championship

[<<] [>>] by Samir Patel at Surbiton Croquet Club
11th July 2021 (AC - Championships)

Championship Knockout Draw

Robert Fulford

Robert Fulford

+18sxp, +24qp

Robert Fulford

+15qp, +18stp

Robert Fulford

+20qp, -26tp, +15sxp, -10tp, +17sxp

Robert Fulford

+26qp, +2sxp, +17sxp

Reg Bamford

-3sxp, +25sxp, +24sxp, +19sxp

David Maugham
  Robin Brown
  Christian Carter

Christian Carter

+26tp, +26tp

  Mark Avery
  Harry Fisher

Harry Fisher

+26tp, -17tp, +13tpo

Harry Fisher

-14, -17tp, +2, +25tp, +20tp

  Pete Trimmer
  Joel Taylor

Joel Taylor

+26tp, -17qp, +26tp

  James Death
  Paddy Chapman

Paddy Chapman

+26tp, +26tp

Paddy Chapman

-4tp, +19sxp, +26sxp, +20

Reg Bamford

+4, -19sxp, -26sxp, +20, +16sxp

  Sam Murray
  Nigel Polhill

Stephen Mulliner

+14tpo, +23tp

  Stephen Mulliner
  Jamie Burch

Alain Giraud

-17tp, +17tp,+11

Reg Bamford

+17sxp, -20tp, +26sxp, +22sxp

  Alain Giraud
  Samir Patel

Reg Bamford

+26sxp, +14

  Reg Bamford

Qualification Swiss Final Standings

Qualified for Knockout

4/4 Mark Avery
4/4 Paddy Chapman
4/4 Robert Fulford
4/4 Samir Patel

4/5 Christian Carter
4/5 Reg Bamford

4/6 Robin Brown
4/6 Sam Murray

4/7 Alain Giraud
4/7 David Maugham
4/7 Harry Fisher
4/7 Jamie Burch
4/7 Stephen Mulliner

4/8 James Death
4/8 Joel Taylor
4/8 Nigel Polhill
4/8 Pete Trimmer

Not Qualified for Knockout

3/9 Gabrielle Higgins

3/8 James Hopgood
3/8 Mark Suter

2/7 Andrew Hobbs

2/7 Dominic Nunns
2/7 Jeff Dawson
2/7 Robert Wilkinson

1/6 Chris O'Byrne
1/6 Mark Ormerod

0/5 Martin Murray

Full Results

Swiss 1. Reg Bamford beat Martin Murray +17 TP
Swiss 2. Robin Brown beat Robert Wilkinson +6 TP
Swiss 3. Jamie Burch lost to Paddy Chapman -13 QPO
Swiss 4. Mark Avery beat David Maugham +24 TP
Swiss 5. Christian Carter beat Joel Taylor +13 OTP
Swiss 6. Harry Fisher lost to Pete Trimmer -20 TP
Swiss 7. Robert Fulford beat Gabrielle Higgins +13 TPO
Swiss 8. Alain Giraud lost to Samir Patel -5
Swiss 9. James Hopgood beat Sam Murray +25 TP
Swiss 10. Stephen Mulliner beat Nigel Polhill +24 TP
Swiss 11. Dominic Nunns lost to Mark Suter -25 TP
Swiss 12. Andrew Hobbs beat Mark Ormerod +9
Swiss 13. Jeff Dawson beat James Death +17
Swiss 14. Robert Fulford beat Stephen Mulliner +15 TP
Swiss 15. Robin Brown beat Nigel Polhill +16 TP
Swiss 16. Robert Wilkinson lost to Paddy Chapman -12 TPO
Swiss 17. Chris O'Byrne beat Mark Suter +5
Swiss 18. Dominic Nunns lost to Mark Avery -17 TP
Swiss 19. James Hopgood beat Martin Murray +17 TP
Swiss 20. Harry Fisher lost to Alain Giraud -20 TP
Swiss 21. James Death lost to Reg Bamford -26 SXP
Swiss 22. Christian Carter beat Sam Murray +26 TP
Swiss 23. Joel Taylor beat Pete Trimmer +8 TP
Swiss 24. Mark Ormerod lost to Samir Patel -25
Swiss 25. Jamie Burch beat Jeff Dawson +15
Swiss 26. Andrew Hobbs lost to David Maugham -13
Swiss 27. Robin Brown lost to Paddy Chapman -26 TP
Swiss 28. Mark Avery beat Stephen Mulliner +15 QP
Swiss 29. Harry Fisher beat Robert Wilkinson +13 TPO
Swiss 30. Jamie Burch lost to Sam Murray -20
Swiss 31. Samir Patel beat Christian Carter +15 TP
Swiss 32. Jeff Dawson lost to Mark Ormerod -7
Swiss 33. James Hopgood lost to Robert Fulford -24 QP
Swiss 34. Gabrielle Higgins beat Chris O'Byrne +16
Swiss 35. Mark Suter beat Reg Bamford +20
Swiss 36. James Death beat Joel Taylor +4 TPO
Swiss 37. Martin Murray lost to Alain Giraud -26 TP
Swiss 38. Dominic Nunns lost to Paddy Chapman -24 TP
Swiss 39. Nigel Polhill beat Pete Trimmer +20 TP
Swiss 40. Stephen Mulliner lost to Scratch -0
Swiss 41. David Maugham lost to Robert Fulford -16
Swiss 42. Martin Murray lost to Robert Wilkinson -25 TP
Swiss 43. Christian Carter beat James Hopgood +26 TP
Swiss 44. Reg Bamford beat Harry Fisher +26 SXP
Swiss 45. Alain Giraud beat Mark Suter +5
Swiss 46. Samir Patel beat Robin Brown +13
Swiss 47. Andrew Hobbs lost to Jeff Dawson -16 TP
Swiss 48. Jamie Burch beat Mark Ormerod +2 TP
Swiss 49. Gabrielle Higgins lost to Sam Murray -19 TP
Swiss 50. Mark Avery beat Chris O'Byrne +7 TP
Swiss 51. Nigel Polhill lost to Joel Taylor -9
Swiss 52. James Death beat Pete Trimmer +25 QP
Swiss 53. Gabrielle Higgins lost to David Maugham -26 TP
Swiss 54. Dominic Nunns beat Chris O'Byrne +12
Swiss 55. Andrew Hobbs lost to Harry Fisher -16 TP
Swiss 56. Martin Murray lost to Pete Trimmer -22 TP
Swiss 57. Nigel Polhill beat Robert Wilkinson +17
Swiss 58. Mark Ormerod lost to Stephen Mulliner -14 TPO
Swiss 59. James Death lost to Sam Murray -10 OTP
Swiss 60. Joel Taylor lost to Jamie Burch -20 TP
Swiss 61. Jeff Dawson lost to Robin Brown -10 TPO
Swiss 62. James Hopgood lost to Mark Suter -20 TP
Swiss 63. Christian Carter beat Alain Giraud +26 TP
Swiss 64. Chris O'Byrne lost to Andrew Hobbs -26 TP
Swiss 65. Gabrielle Higgins beat Dominic Nunns +15
Swiss 66. David Maugham beat Joel Taylor +14
Swiss 67. Reg Bamford beat Jamie Burch +17 SXP
Swiss 68. James Death lost to Harry Fisher -17
Swiss 69. Sam Murray beat Alain Giraud +8 TPO
Swiss 70. Robin Brown beat Mark Suter +20 TP
Swiss 71. Robert Wilkinson beat Mark Ormerod +22 TP
Swiss 72. Stephen Mulliner beat Pete Trimmer +19 TP
Swiss 73. James Hopgood beat Nigel Polhill +5 (23-18)(t)
Swiss 74. Chris O'Byrne lost to James Death -17 QP
Swiss 75. Andrew Hobbs lost to Jamie Burch -24 TP
Swiss 76. Jeff Dawson lost to Harry Fisher -26 TP
Swiss 77. Dominic Nunns beat Robert Wilkinson +13 TPO
Swiss 78. Gabrielle Higgins lost to Joel Taylor -12
Swiss 79. David Maugham lost to Stephen Mulliner -23
Swiss 80. Gabrielle Higgins beat Andrew Hobbs +17
Swiss 81. Pete Trimmer beat Dominic Nunns +14 OTP
Swiss 82. David Maugham beat Mark Suter +8 TP
Swiss 83. Jeff Dawson lost to Nigel Polhill -16 TP
Swiss 84. James Hopgood lost to Alain Giraud -99
Swiss 85. James Death beat Mark Suter +11 TPO
Swiss 86. Gabrielle Higgins lost to Pete Trimmer -9 TPO
Swiss 87. Joel Taylor beat James Hopgood +3 TPO
Swiss 88. Nigel Polhill beat Gabrielle Higgins +19 TP

Swiss Draw

The draw for the first four rounds of the qualification stage was as follows:

  Grade Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 AOG
Mark Avery 2477 David Maugham Dominic Nunns Stephen Mulliner Chris O'Byrne 2310.3
Reg Bamford 2674 Martin Murray James Death Mark Suter Harry Fisher 2315.5
Robin Brown 2291 Robert Wilkinson Nigel Polhill Paddy Chapman Samir Patel 2326.0
Jamie Burch 2523 Paddy Chapman Jeff Dawson Sam Murray Mark Ormerod 2322.5
Christian Carter 2426 Joel Taylor Sam Murray Samir Patel James Hopgood 2322.0
Paddy Chapman 2624 Jamie Burch Robert Wilkinson Robin Brown Dominic Nunns 2319.8
Jeff Dawson 2151 James Death Jamie Burch Mark Ormerod Andrew Hobbs 2326.0
James Death 2527 Jeff Dawson Reg Bamford Joel Taylor Pete Trimmer 2318.8
Harry Fisher 2521 Pete Trimmer Alain Giraud Robert Wilkinson Reg Bamford 2333.5
Robert Fulford 2725 Gabrielle Higgins Stephen Mulliner James Hopgood David Maugham 2323.8
Alain Giraud 2331 Samir Patel Harry Fisher Martin Murray Mark Suter 2319.3
Gabrielle Higgins 2080 Robert Fulford Chris O'Byrne David Maugham Sam Murray 2325.0
Andrew Hobbs 2023 Mark Ormerod David Maugham Stephen Mulliner Jeff Dawson 2326.5
James Hopgood 2291 Sam Murray Martin Murray Robert Fulford Christian Carter 2325.8
David Maugham 2389 Mark Avery Andrew Hobbs Gabrielle Higgins Robert Fulford 2326.3
Stephen Mulliner 2535 Nigel Polhill Robert Fulford Andrew Hobbs Mark Avery 2328.3
Martin Murray 1868 Reg Bamford James Hopgood Alain Giraud Robert Wilkinson 2336.5
Sam Murray 2284 James Hopgood Christian Carter Jamie Burch Gabrielle Higgins 2330.0
Dominic Nunns 2415 Mark Suter Mark Avery Chris O'Byrne Paddy Chapman 2337.3
Chris O'Byrne 1902 Mark Suter Gabrielle Higgins Dominic Nunns Mark Avery 2329.5
Mark Ormerod 2231 Andrew Hobbs Samir Patel Jeff Dawson Jamie Burch 2309.8
Samir Patel 2542 Alain Giraud Mark Ormerod Christian Carter Robin Brown 2319.8
Nigel Polhill 2088 Stephen Mulliner Robin Brown Pete Trimmer Joel Taylor 2319.0
Mark Suter 2346 Dominic Nunns Chris O'Byrne Reg Bamford Alain Giraud 2330.5
Joel Taylor 2171 Christian Carter Pete Trimmer James Death Nigel Polhill 2330.0
Pete Trimmer 2279 Harry Fisher Joel Taylor Nigel Polhill James Death 2326.8
Robert Wilkinson 2050 Robin Brown Paddy Chapman Harry Fisher Martin Murray 2326.0


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