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Fourth turn finishes !!

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20th May 2003 (Other News)

Reporting the score for the Ireland v GB test match played in Dublin on 17-18 May 2003, Robert Fulford reported "Fulford beat McInerney +17+26TP (fourth turn)". For the uninitiated, to finish fourth turn you need to make considerable progress on the second turn.

The question was posed "how many 4th turn triples have ever been recorded?", David Maugham replied "I've had none! This is less of a silly comment when you realise that I have finished 4th turn 5 times now and have had QPs on three of those occasions (trouble turning the corner on the 2 ball break).

"On the other 2 occasions; I broke down at Rover (intending to peg out); and stopped a 4-b, but my oppo tried a 3rd turn TPO and managed 1 peel. For the record, I have gone round 2nd turn on 2 other occasions, but was unable to complete the three ball (I pegged out 2nd turn) and four ball breaks needed to finish, do'h.

"I have not heard of anyone else finishing 4th turn except in friendly games and I doubt that Statto will have records of this, since it is not typically recorded in the score.

Ken Rosenberry reported "Shane Davis beat me with a 4th turn triple at The Resort in 2001. I did heartily congratulate him. Does that make it a friendly? :-)

Rob Fulford reports "Hogan and Murfitt have won a doubles game with Murfitt completing a fourth
turn quin. (This is according to the 1989 Almanack). I had a fourth turn quad (deliberately stopping at 3-back) in last year's medallist block at Sonoma. Haven't had any others in competition.

Finally, Keith Aiton did a third turn TPO in the Oxford tournament in the late eighties - and pegged-out both balls.


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