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Gazette Issue 397 (June 2022) Quiz Answers

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25th July 2022 (Other News)

We hope you enjoyed the quiz section of the Gazette and here are your answers, published as promised.

AC Laws Quiz


Red, attempting a hoop, rebounds from the wire. In order to avoid Red hitting his foot, the striker topples back and treads on Blue. Is this a fault?


Yes: the striking period has not ended as the striker has not yet quit his stance under control [Law 8.6], so Law 29.1.12 applies.

GC Rules Quiz


Ray's ball has been replaced on the line in front of Hoop 9. One of Bab's balls is just in front of the hoop. Ray attempts a long range jump shot but his mallet digs into the ground before he contacts the ball but continues and hits the ball on the upswing. Babs says he has committed a fault. Ray hastily repairs the ground. What do you say to the players?


Damage to the court surface should not be repaired until the opposing side, or a referee if present, has decided whether a fault has been committed under Rule 11.2.10. An attempt to conceal or repair damage before it has been ruled on is a breach of Rule 16.2.12. In this case the damage to the ground occurred outside the court and so is not a fault. The damage should be repaired. Play continues in sequence.

Fun Quiz

And finally, the little fun quiz section for everyone to play. Whether you are a croquet player or not, we hope this little quiz time will provide a welcome break from your day. (Remember, most club names are just names of places)


1. Born Suit
2. Go mad dig dollar funding
3. An MOT Thing
4. Stalked rib & hour top
5. Sound table lighter
6. Gin ale
7. Planned cave nerd
8. Skates bingo
9. Fleed fish
10. Tee & vibes grind early


1. Surbiton
2. Guildford and Godalming
3. Nottingham
4. Southport & Birkdale
5. Budleigh Salterton
6. Ealing
7. Pendle and Craven
8. Basingstoke
9. Sheffield
10. Beverley & East Riding

We hope you had fun and look forward to next month's quiz time.

Gazette Editorial Team


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