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David Maugham won the COWhorn

[<<] [>>] by Roger Wood at Compton (Eastbourne)
27th July 2022 (AC)

Eastbourne's proximity to the sea and a welcome, on-off cooling breeze saved the weekend from the widely threatened instant heat death. Unfortunately, Covid reared its head obliging Andrew Gregory, the holder of the COWbell, to drop out thereby reducing the field to 15. Two new faces: Guy Hewitt and Nick Steiner; and 3 returnees after decade-long absences: Jon Diamond, Craig Oakley and Tim Wilkins. Given the recent dry weather, the lawns were predictably fast and the preparation for the upcoming qualifying tournament for the GC World Championship had produced good playing conditions.

In the knockout the 4 seeds duly progressed to the semi-finals (played as best-of-3 and all completed on Saturday) resulting in a rematch of last year's finalists. In a hard-fought best-of-5 match David Maugham came through in straight games ending Dominic Nunns's run of three consecutive wins.

The contest for the COWbell saw Andrew Hobbs sweep all before him winning all his games and finishing with a fine triple peel, the only one in the consolation event.

Knockout for the COWhorn

Round 1

David Maugham beat Craig Oakley +13

Andrew Hobbs beat Chris Crowcroft +18tp

Neil Coote bye

Tim Wilkins beat Ian Vincent +20tp
Nigel Polhill beat Phil Dunk +26
Chris O'Byrne beat Jon Diamond +20
Guy Hewitt beat Paul Castell +5
Dominic Nunns beat Nick Steiner +25tp

Round 2

David Maugham beat Andrew Hobbs +25tp

Tim Wilkins beat Neil Coote +24
Nigel Polhill beat Chris O'Byrne +17
Dominic Nunns beat Guy Hewitt +12


David Maugham beat Tim Wilkins -22tp +14tp +17

Dominic Nunns beat Nigel Polhill +1 +25tp


David Maugham beat Dominic Nunns +14tp +4 +10tpo

3rd place playoff

Tim Wilkins beat Nigel Polhill +26tp +18

Swiss for the COWbell

Winner: Andrew Hobbs (6/7)

(3/6) Guy Hewitt, Craig Oakley, Phil Dunk

(3/7) Chris O'Byrne

(2/5) Ian Vincent

(2/6) Paul Castell, Neil Coote,

(1/4) Chris Crowcroft

(1/5) Nick Steiner

(1/6) Jon Diamond

Ace peeler: David Maugham

COWpat: Jon Diamond


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