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Scottish CA (B) beat Croquet North at Meadows West, Edinburgh

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17-18 May 2003 (International)

CN: Peter McDermott (3), Phil Errington (10), Derek Watts (7), Sheila Watts (7)
SCA: Rod Williams (1), Alan Wilson (10), Charlotte Townsend (4.5), Campbell Morrison (5)

All games were played Level Advanced. At the end of the first day the Scots were ahead 7-3, but five of the ten games were very close. The performance of the day was by Phil (10), who pegged out Rod (1) but accidentally pegged out himself. The one-ball game was nip and tuck, starting with Phil on H3 and Rod on H5; Rod (to his great relief) getting home just ahead.

Results Day 1

Charlotte & Campbell beat The Watts +2T
Rod & Alan beat Peter & Phil +1T
Rod beat Phil +3
Charlotte beat Sheila +17
Campbell lost to Derek - 15
Alan lost to Peter -25
Rod beat Sheila +2
Charlotte beat Phil +17
Campbell lost to Peter -21
Alan beat Derek + 1T

Day 2

CN had it all to do, but God smiled on them when Phil & Peter pipped Campbell & Charlotte by +1. After the doubles and the first round of the singles, the North started the final afternoon only 7-9 behind. Derek and Peter won their games and the match was all?square at 9-9. Alan played exceedingly well in beating Phil and all eyes turned to Sheila against Campbell. But it had been a long weekend and after five tough matches Sheila was tiring; however it still went to time - Campbell winning +6 and so SCA the match 11-9.

My abiding memories all involve Rod. In our doubles match, when time was called, I left all four balls pretty close to the corners ("get on with that, Rod")! Well, he hit in and made two 'impossible' hoops to win the match. Rod then played Sheila who had both clips on peg; he had one for peg and six hoops to go with the other. After all her valiant efforts Sheila could only sit and await the inevitable. Finally, against Rod, I pranged H5 leaving all four balls together; Rod took over and I settled down for a nap. He was just about to make H5 but realised he was playing with my Red! But where did he change balls? The red clip in his pocket, removed from H1, answered the question. In his situation I might well have imploded, but Rod only smiled saying "at least it was good practice", typifying the spirit in which the match was played.

Results Day 2

Charlotte & Campbell lost to Peter & Phil -1T
Rod & Alan beat Derek & Sheila +13
Rod beat Derek +16
Campbell lost to Phil - 10
Charlotte lost to Peter -26
Alan lost to Sheila -7T
Rod lost to Peter -22
Charlotte lost to Derek -16T
Alan beat Phil +17
Campbell beat Sheila +6T

Fergus McInnes presented the "Scottish & Newcastle Challenge Trophy" (a mounted beer?pump handle) to Rod Williams. Fortunately the weather forecasters had got it wrong and it turned out quite pleasant, with occasional showers. The lawns, of the new national home for Scottish croquet, were in first?class condition, standing comparison with any others in the UK.


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