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Results from CA vs. SCA, 27-28 August 2022

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pictureThe CA v SCA teams with the Glasgow Quaich (Photo: John Harris)

by Roger Staples at York
6th September 2022 (AC)

(photo by John Harris)

Here are the results from the match between CA and SCA representative teams played at York on 27-28 August 2022.

CA; Andrew Killick (-1), Dave Gunn (0.5), Peter Thompson (1.5), Phil Errington (1.5), Roger Staples (3), Andrew Beaumont (3.5), Eileen Magee (9)

SCA; David Magee (0), George Plant (0.5), Rosemary Saunders-Robertson (3), Brian Durward (4), Stefan Colling (5), Roger Binks (6)

Round 1 - Doubles Andrew K and Phil beat George and Stefan 21-15 (t) Dave and Andrew B beat David and Roger B 18-12 (t) Roger S and Peter beat Rosemary and Brian 22-16 (t)

(=> 3-0 to CA)

Round 2 - Singles Dave beat David 19-3 (t) Roger S beat Brian +4 Peter lost to George -23 Andrew B lost to Stefan 16-18 (t) Andrew K beat Rosemary + 21 Phil beat Roger B 22-12 (t)

(=> 7-2 to CA)

Round 3 -Singles Peter lost to Rosemary -17 Eileen lost to Stefan -26 Andrew K beat David +19 Phil beat Brian+5 Dave beat George +4 Andrew B lost to Roger B 11-17 (t)

(=> 10-5 to CA)

Round 4 - Doubles Andrew K and Dave beat David and Brian 22-21 (t) Roger S and Andrew B lost to Rosemary and Stefan -15 Phil and Peter beat George and Roger B 17-16 (t)

(=> 12-6 to CA)

Round 5 - Singles Roger S beat Roger B 22-21 (t) Andrew B beat Brian 17-16 (t) Dave beat Rosemary +20 Andrew K beat George +18 Peter lost to David 13-17 (t) Phil lost to Stefan -22

(=> 16-8 to CA)

Peter Thompson


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