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Gazette Issue 398 (August 2022) Quiz Answers

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pictureCrossword Answers Issue 398 August 2022

by CA Editorial Team
29th September 2022 (Other News)

GC Rules


Bab (Blue) and Ken (Black) are playing Ray (Red) and Yvonne (Yellow). The score is 5 -5.

Bab tries to run Hoop 11 with Blue and the ball comes to rest in the jaws.

Ray shoots at it with Red which hits the wire and stops on the non-playing side of the hoop at an angle.

Yellow is also behind the hoop in a good position to clear Blue. Ken shoots at Yellow which ends up in front of Hoop 12. Black finishes between the peg and Hoop 12 wired from Red.

Yvonne deems Yellow.

Bab and Ken debate whether Bab should run Hoop 11, give Yellow a certain Hoop 12 and take the match to the golden hoop or whether she should deem Blue and risk being cleared by Red.

What is the answer to Bab and Ken's dilemma?


Under Rule 8.3.2 Yellow will be an offside ball when Hoop 11 is run as it was deemed in that position and so does not benefit from the exemption on Rule 8.3.1(b) and can be sent to a penalty area. Bab's risk is that if Blue hits Yellow, Yellow will then be onside.

AC Laws


In a croquet stroke, Ray peels Yellow through hoop 1 in order and runs Hoop1 in order with Red. During this stroke Red strikes Yellow after it has run its hoop and the balls are touching when they come to rest. Ray picks up Red and takes croquet from Yellow. Is this correct?


Yes, Laws 21.2.1 states that if, during a stroke and before or after completing the running of a hoop in order, the striker's ball hits a ball ('the relevant ball') that at the start of the stroke, was in contact with the striker's ball, the hoop point is scored and a roquet is deemed to be made on the relevant ball if the striker's ball comes to rest in contact with the relevant ball.


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