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Nottingham week

[<<] [>>] by Ian Vincent at Nottingham
19th August 2000 (AC - Mixed)

The tournament was played at the Nottingham Club from 14th-19th August.

Robin Hood Gold Cup (Handicap Singles)
David Harrison-Wood
Roger Berkeley

Open Singles (Advanced)
Robin Brown
John Davis

B Level Singles (Advanced)
Rick Davis
David Brydon

C Level Singles (Ordinary)
Esther Jones
Rob Edlin-White
Richard Beney

D Handicap Singles
Roy Taylor

Handicap Doubles
John Davis & David Brydon
Robin Brown & John Handy

Gold award to David Brydon; Silver to Roger Berkeley.
Platinum to David Harrison-Wood for his Sextuple!

Robin Brown did a QPO in the doubles final, but ended with a grievous, leaving Brydon and Handy both on hoop 1, with 1 1/2 bisques remaining. The eventual margin was +3, in less than two hours, much to the manager's delight, having lost a couple of hours play on Friday night due to flooding!

Full advanced results:
R.J.Brown bt Dr.F.L Whittaker +26TP
D.G.Brydon bt R.Davis +25
J.Filsak bt P.D.Hallett +23
R.L.S.Berkeley bt D.G.Mills +4
J.F.Death bt E.J.Davis +26TP
D.Harrison-Wood bt Dr.I.G Vincent +5
P.J.Death bt C.G.Bennett +24
R.J.Brown bt D.Harrison-Wood +10
J.F.Death bt P.J.Death +25STP
E.J.Davis bt Dr.I.G Vincent +18
D.G.Brydon bt J.Filsak +3
R.Davis bt R.L.S.Berkeley +19
Dr.F.L Whittaker bt C.G.Hopewell +16
D.G.Mills bt P.D.Hallett +15
R.J.Brown bt C.G.Bennett +26
J.F.Death bt C.G.Bennett +14
P.J.Death bt D.Harrison-Wood +11
E.J.Davis bt Dr.F.L Whittaker +16
C.G.Hopewell bt Dr.I.G Vincent +19
R.J.Brown bt E.J.Davis +4
R.L.S.Berkeley bt P.D.Hallett +10
C.G.Hopewell bt P.J.Death +11
R.Davis bt J.Filsak +14
D.G.Brydon bt D.G.Mills +19
R.J.Brown bt J.F.Death +14
C.G.Bennett bt Dr.F.L Whittaker +5
E.J.Davis bt D.Harrison-Wood +13
R.J.Brown bt C.G.Hopewell +25
R.J.Brown bt P.J.Death +4TP
C.G.Hopewell bt J.F.Death +10
D.G.Brydon bt P.D.Hallett +14
R.Davis bt D.G.Mills +5
J.Filsak bt R.L.S.Berkeley +1
Dr.I.G Vincent bt R.J.Brown +26TP
Dr.F.L Whittaker bt J.F.Death +16
E.J.Davis bt C.G.Hopewell +13 -3
R.J.Brown bt J.F.Death +14 +10TP
D.Harrison-Wood bt Dr.F.L Whittaker +26SxP
D.G.Brydon bt R.L.S.Berkeley +23STP
R.Davis bt P.D.Hallett +opp ret
J.Filsak bt D.G.Mills +3
R.J.Brown bt E.J.Davis +4TP +25TP
R.Davis bt D.G.Brydon +18


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