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Croquet North AC Advanced One Day Tournament

[<<] [>>] by Dennis Scarr at Tyneside
25th April 2023 (AC)

Friday 21st April, 2023 saw the CN Annual AC Advanced One Day Level Play Tournament come to Tyneside for the first time. The weather was 'cool to cold' with regional variation depending on which of the two lawns you were playing on.

The sun did periodically try to' get out', as we say in the North, but it didn't try very hard which meant layers of whites was the order of the day.

There were 8 participants with Handicaps ranging from 0 to 11. The format was two groups of four, divided into B and C Class - all play all with 2 hour 45 min time limits. This seemed to work well with only two games in each Class going to time which meant we were all done before the light faded.


Dennis Scarr beat Terry Vernazza plus 17

Derek Watts beat Phil Errington plus 3 on time

Derek Watts beat Terry Vernazza plus 21

Dennis Scarr beat Phil Errington plus 16

Phil Errington beat Terry Vernazza plus 1 - Golden Hoop.

Dennis Scarr beat Derek Watts plus 10



Derek Johnson beat Eric Nixon plus 5 on time

David Millener beat Julian Gibson plus 1 on time

Eric Nixon beat David Millener plus 10

Julian Gibson beat Derek Johnson plus 13

Eric Nixon beat Julian Gibson plus 21

David Millener beat Derek Johnson plus 9


Given 2 players were on 2 wins in the C Class event we resorted to a Peg Shoot Out which was won by David Millener.


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